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Special Hobby Tempest V

Rick K

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Found the photos showing post wiring, pre assembly of the cockpit and wheel wells. 


I felt posting this would be helpful to any future SH Tempest Mk.II or Mk.V build.  You'll see some repeated images from my previous posts.



Using Lead Wire.2mm, .3mm and .6mm plumbing added to wheel wells and cockpit tub and walls.



Wiring for cockpit tub.  Just enough to be visible once fuselage is buttoned up.  You can see where I grinded inside of fuselage walls to accept the cockpit tub.  MRP  77 NATO Black for top half of cockpit wall while MRP 111 Interior Green for bottom half. 


Details picked out with various Vallejo Model Colors and Ulshi metal powders.



I pre drilled wheel well walls before assembly.



The rod will be either .4mm styrene or aluminum rod on parts H41 and H42.




Wheel well plumbing complete.  Note the styrene rods on parts H41 and H42.  I'm leaning towards using aluminum rod as no painting will be required.  I removed them prior to painting as they would easily get snapped off.



Wheel well painted with MRP 111 Interior Green.

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On 8/4/2019 at 4:31 PM, Miloslav1956 said:


You are the SH Tempest Mk.V (and Mk.II) master builder.  Appreciate the kudos Miloslav.


On 8/4/2019 at 5:39 PM, AlbertD said:

Looks great. I have this kit in the stash because it's one of my favorite WW2 subjects but as a newbie I've been afraid to start it with all the reported issues.

Thanks Albert.


Now that you will know the issues you should be able to beat this kit into submission.  Go for it!


On 8/4/2019 at 8:30 PM, aircare84 said:

Turning out great Rick!

Really like the work you have done in the cockpit.

I had fit issues with the cockpit to the wheel wells on mine as well. 


Cheers AirCare!


This build has been nothing short of "test of wills".  I'm slowly having my way with this SOB.  :)

Edited by Rick K
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As I was wrapped up work on the kit nose Barracuda released their nose correction set.  I promptly ordered mine.  I was the 1st Tempest correction set shipped.  Roy can confirm.  :)


Yes, this build has been on the SOD for quite awhile.  ;)



There has already been a review of this set so I'll be succinct.  It's a beauty and it's 98% plug n play.  Minor seam work required.



Beautifully cast set with all the goodies.  Even tools to properly mount prop blades at correct pitch.



The casting plug is significant and I highly recommend studying Roy's recommendation on plug removal.



Wearing my ventilator I placed a damp towel on table and grinded away the plug.  The damp towel keeps dust from making a big mess on my bench.



After grinding I take my razor saw and carefully remove remains of resin block.



A sanding stick smooths out the nose.



Drill for the prop backplate and clean the radiator scoop.



Test fit and it looks good.





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Nice work on cleaning up the nose!  Nice to see the comparison shots, that last one really highlights the biggest change.


Yeah Brian the opening was way too big  and spinner dia too large and bulbous....as a start.  The thrust line was good but everything else quite off.


Loving your build, keep up the great work!


Cheers Anthony

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21 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Outstanding work as always Rick.



Thanks Martin.


17 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Nice work! It appears the OOB SH rad opening is a bit too big?

Yes, radiator opening, prop blades and spinner are slightly off size.  Anthony and Roy fixed that.


This build will feature Roy's nose/prop, wheels and Ace Maker Gyro gunsight.


15 hours ago, Anthony in NZ said:

Nice work on cleaning up the nose!  Nice to see the comparison shots, that last one really highlights the biggest change.


Loving your build, keep up the great work!


Cheers Anthony

Thanks Anthony.


13 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Brilliant work, Rick!



Thanks Kev.

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I wanted to give surface area for epoxy to secure the nose. 



I built up the firewall with thick plasticard.



The inside if the replacement nose was shaved to accept the depth of the new firewall.



Epoxy mixed using a small applicator.



Applying the epoxy with small applicator I realize I need a method to add epoxy volume.



Go big or go home with a 14ga 1.5" (3.8cm) industrial syringe.



I'm able to lay a nice thinck bead of epoxy along the firewall and nose joint.



After the epoxy cured I applied some primer on all the joints then smoothed out and re-scribed all the offense areas.

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Staring at the kit supplied gunsights I knew they needed replaced.  Since this is a very lat war Tempest I wanted the Ace Maker Gyro gunsight.



I had Roy's BR32011 Spitfire Upgrade Part II which has the Ace Maker gunsight.  The Barr & Stroud Mk.II is marked for one of my big Spitfires. So procuring the Ace Maker gunsight will be perfect. 


Comparison between the kit supplied Ace Maker and Roy's is significant



When removing the mount from the casting block I urge extreme care and patience.  Micro saw is a must.  RB micro saw is perfect.  The gunsight mount is quite fragile.



Paint with MRP 77 NATO Black, supplied decals and add some wiring.  The reflector shade is from the SH kit.



Need me some glass for the reflector shade.  I cut a 4mm x 3.5mm piece of clear styrene and score at the 1.5mm measure.  Score only, do not cut.





Carefully fold and...



and place in the reflector shade.  I attached with thin CA.



Shade with lens attached.  Color me happy.



Mount on top of IP.





Windscreen mounted.  Let the masking begin.



Edited by Rick K
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