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Tamiya P51 Mustang

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Ok I couldn't resist it any longer!  This was the first kit i bought when i started this great hobby a few years ago and it has been sat in my stash ever since.  The reason i didn't make it was firstly i wanted to practice on some other kits first before i had the confidence to tackle it and secondly i didn't know  until now what marking i wanted to do,  which is always important for me as i need to visualise something as I'm going along.  I have to say this is a really great kit and a complete pleasure to build  I've made a start on the cockpit and engine and I'm about ready to close the fuselage.  More instalments soon i hope.








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Oh you're such a tease, now you've roped me in for sure so i can find out what scheme you've chosen! Having followed a few of your other builds im anxious to see this one through too.

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Hi All,

A little more progress.  The fuselage is together as are the wings and the  main wheel wells are painted but not weathered.  This kit is a dream to build,  so well engineered and the fit of the main components is very impressive.  Hopefully get the wings mated to the fuselage next and into paint before too long!  Cheers  Matt






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