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  1. Awesome! Thanks very much. I hope I can find that book. However, if anyone here has the decals and will not use them I would willing to purchase the set.
  2. Jennings, There was a #115 on board the Formidable but is suspected lost in action as a new 115 was apparently delivered by the baby aircraft carrier HMS Arbiter with serial KD658. This a/c was on board during the time of the VC winning mission.
  3. Yes for sure. You are correct as far as we know there is no incontrovertible proof he flew 115 or as some have said 119 which these people say was his personal aircraft. Many companies have made decals/markings for aircraft that were later to be found not to be correct. They went with what information they had at the time and I don't think this is an issue. However, one may believe there has to be iron clad proof but it seems given what information we have if we go with that logic a set for Grey will never be done and it would be shame not to be able to pay tribute to him with model of an a/c
  4. I am late to the discussion and didn't read the original thread. I believe having a lively discussion on the closure of WNW and speculating on why is okay, however, from what I read here slagging an individual or individuals associated with that company is libelous no question and I suspect this forum would be held responsible in any legal action taken not the individuals doing the slagging, though a cease and desist letter would probably be the first action. If you would find it offensive if someone impugned your character then don't do it to others. Common sense.
  5. Excellent! Very very nice paint work. Love it. I did Kobayashi's A/C 295 some years ago so nice to see another one of his aircraft being done.
  6. Hi Guys, I am wondering if any of you can suggest a person/company that might be willing to do a set of decals/masks for Robert Hampton Grey's Fleet Air Arm F4U-1D Corsair in 1/32 scale. I really want to do this aircraft using the Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair. As some of you might know "Hammy" Grey was the last Canadian and only pilot of the Canadian Navy to win the last Empire Victoria Cross (Canada created their own version afterward). He flew from the HMS Formidable and was KIA attacking and sinking the Japanese destroyer escort Amakusa in Onagawa Bay, Japan in the last few days of t
  7. Hi Ajay, I clicked on the link you provided but Eagle does not make markings for his aircraft. I sent an email to HGW models asking them if they would consider making a wet transfer set for this aircraft. Serial no. KD658 with 115 numbers or as some have speculated 119 which they argue was the aircraft he flew on that fateful day. They have not responded. I asked HGW because they make some 1/32 Corsair wet transfer decals.
  8. Excellent Stuff. Where did you get markings from? I have been looking for a set in 1/32 but haven't found a source?
  9. lovely Stuff. Truly. I particularly like the wear on the cowling. How did you do that?
  10. Very nice. Attention to detail and painting are top notch. Thanks for sharing.
  11. All excellent works. And so many too. WOW!
  12. Amazing. Absolutely lovely work. love the AF tractor.
  13. Indeed. Excellent build for sure. Congrats!
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