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  1. Very nice. Attention to detail and painting are top notch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. All excellent works. And so many too. WOW!
  3. Amazing. Absolutely lovely work. love the AF tractor.
  4. Indeed. Excellent build for sure. Congrats!
  5. Looks like 1/32 P-40N's are as scarce as hens teeth. Hasegawa and the Eduard Kit (rebox of Hasegawa?) are either OOP or those that are available need a king's ransom to acquire them. Are P-40's in general popular because of all the interesting nose art they had? Tamiya would make a killing if they came out with any P-40 except the E. What say you? P.S. feel free to add you own cliche's to this thread
  6. That's crazy. Great work. I can only imagine the time and effort it took to makes such nice models. My wife would leave me and I would get fired from my job if I even tried to make half that number of kits.
  7. Now that looks like a weathered and beat up Corsair pelted by torrential rain, a burning hot sun and fine coral dust.
  8. Love the camo work. A super nice Nick.
  9. Indeed Lovely work Tony. Like the backstory you provided. Well done!
  10. Nice work Robert. Great to see you chose Big Hog. I did Lt. Danny Cunningham's F4U-1A from VF-17 but the Tamiya 1/48 scale kit a few years back. David.
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