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  1. Looks like 1/32 P-40N's are as scarce as hens teeth. Hasegawa and the Eduard Kit (rebox of Hasegawa?) are either OOP or those that are available need a king's ransom to acquire them. Are P-40's in general popular because of all the interesting nose art they had? Tamiya would make a killing if they came out with any P-40 except the E. What say you? P.S. feel free to add you own cliche's to this thread
  2. That's crazy. Great work. I can only imagine the time and effort it took to makes such nice models. My wife would leave me and I would get fired from my job if I even tried to make half that number of kits.
  3. Now that looks like a weathered and beat up Corsair pelted by torrential rain, a burning hot sun and fine coral dust.
  4. Love the camo work. A super nice Nick.
  5. Indeed Lovely work Tony. Like the backstory you provided. Well done!
  6. Nice work Robert. Great to see you chose Big Hog. I did Lt. Danny Cunningham's F4U-1A from VF-17 but the Tamiya 1/48 scale kit a few years back. David.
  7. Thanks Tnarg. I am happy to share my work with my LSP friends. Cheers!
  8. Really exceptional work Bill. Great Looking Cockpit.
  9. Most excellent. Love the Spits. Top 3 of my WWII all time favourite fighters. Looking forward to seeing this one. Thanks for sharing. David.
  10. Thanks for having a look Don and commenting. Happy New Year to all!
  11. Stunning. Excellent work and photos too!
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