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  1. Hey Guys, its been a little while since I have posted anything and just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all of you and to your families and hope you all get a lot of models to build for next year. Hope to be putting some modeling content on here in the new year. Chris Causey
  2. Beautifully built Tomcat Chris, Great weathering to. Chris Causey
  3. Thanks Ringlheim, the Apache was a fun build, typical revel kit not to much filler on it. Thanks Tim, LOL I have been a model building madman this year.LOL Scott, The F viper I wanted to do in Helenic markings but didn't have any in my stash so just used the kit decals. May not be acurate but just fun build. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks guys glad you liked them. Chris Causey.
  5. Hey Guys, Hope you all have had a great summer of modeling. Just wanted to throw out some of my models I just recently finished for my summer time builds. Got a Testors 1/48th scale YF-12 Interceptor painted in Titanium and Magneisium. Next is the Revell 1/32nd scale AH-60 Apache kit. I painted this one in some Model Masters Anodonic grey and mixed in steel with it as well. Next is Tamiyas 1/48th scale F-16C Fighting Falcon with my homemade have glass scheme. I used Tamiyas dark grey and some Model Masters Anodonic grey, about a 50/50 mix. Then I did some post shading and then finally sprayed a very thin coat of steel over it. Next is the Hasegawa F-16F UAE falcon in a darker Have glass scheme. I used Model Masters anthracite grey and some Model Masters Anodonic grey, 505/50 mix and did some post shading as well. Then did some very light mist coat of some more steel on it. I am pretty satisfied with how my experiments came out. Hope you all enjoy. Chris Causey
  6. Very Nice Model and great weathering to. Chris Causey
  7. Great Looking Spitfire. Chris Causey
  8. Really looking great, very detailed as well. Chris Causey
  9. Really Nice looking Harrier Steve, great work on the camo. Chris Causey
  10. Really Nice looking Mustang Mark. Chris Causey
  11. Super Nice work on the Mustang Matt. Chris Causey
  12. Thanks Bill and Torben, Jarda, thanks also for the info on the ejection seats. I will use for the next build. Chris Causey.
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