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  1. Tomcat14

    F16 D BLOCK 52 academy

    Very Nice Model and great weathering to. Chris Causey
  2. Tomcat14

    F-16A Israel Air Force -Academy 1:32

    Looks Fantastic. Chris Causey
  3. Tomcat14

    Revell Spitfire MkIXc

    Great Looking Spitfire. Chris Causey
  4. Really looking great, very detailed as well. Chris Causey
  5. Tomcat14

    1/48 Kinetic Hawker Harrier T4

    Really Nice looking Harrier Steve, great work on the camo. Chris Causey
  6. Tomcat14

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Really Nice looking Mustang Mark. Chris Causey
  7. Tomcat14

    Tamiya P51 Mustang

    Super Nice work on the Mustang Matt. Chris Causey
  8. Tomcat14

    Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C/D Phantom.

    Thanks Bill and Torben, Jarda, thanks also for the info on the ejection seats. I will use for the next build. Chris Causey.
  9. Tomcat14

    Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C/D Phantom.

    Thanks Kevin and Gearhard.
  10. Tomcat14

    Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C/D Phantom.

    Thanks a lot Gazzas, glad you liked it. Chris Causey.
  11. Hello Fello modelers, this is my first post in a long while here on LSP, I have been super busy with two jobs and life hindering my build time, you all know the excuse but I have finally completed something to show. Our local Hobby club had an F-4 Phantom group build this summer and this is what I did for it. I used the Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C/D Phantom kit which was an awsome kit and went together with no problems. It took me about 2 1/2 months or so to do when I could get the time. I wanted to do a mig killer from the Vietnam War with the Aircraft grey scheme the Phantoms first used at the beginning of the war, some of which came from MacDill Airforce base from my home state of Florida. I choose to do aircraft BU # 64-0693 (FJ-693) from the 45th TFS out of Ubon, Thailand in 1965 which became the first Mig Killer Aircraft of the war. I used Model Masters Aircraft Grey as the Base color and Model Masters white for the bottom. I used MM Magnesium for the exhaust area with some MM Titanium dry brushed in the middle of the panels to give it a dirtied affect. I used Flory Models dark dirt wash for panel lines and weathering the paint. I then used some Windsor and Newton water based oils the do staining and streaking. The decals Had to be home made from my printer since I could not get these decals in 1/32nd scale, also used some spare decals from my stash to complete it. The only thing I am missing is the Mission bombs and Mig kills on the left Intake panel that I will need to get somehow. I had a few flaws here and there on it but overall I am very pleased at how this Model came out and I think this is one of my best ones to date. I hope you all enjoy the model and I also wanted to say that when I have had the chance to lurk on the forum you guys have done some awsome outstanding model building on this forum and I have a great appreciation and feel priviledeged to be a part of this forum. Thanks and Enjoy your Summer Boys while you still can. Chris Causey P.S Pics Heavy.
  12. Tomcat14

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A: 6/17/18: DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Hey Peter, You did a super awsome job on the Tomcat. It is on of your best builds yet. Can't wait to see whats next for you. Chris Causey
  13. A Beautifull Phantom Build Richie, the weathering is outstanding. Chris Causey
  14. Tomcat14

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A: 6/17/18: DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Hey Petter, been away from the forum for a while but just caught your build and Wow buddy, that Tomcat looks Awsome. I am glad you have some of your Modeling Mojo back. Mine has been up and down alot lately to and I haven't posted much of anything in a while but hope to have some new stuff up soon. Great work on the model and will be watching the finale soon. Take care my friend. Chris Causey
  15. Hey Guys, just wanted to share my latest video I uploaded on my youtube channel of the 2018 Modelfest Hobby show I recently attended this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it. I also got a 2nd place award for my 1/48th scale AH-64 Apache and 3rd place for my 1/32nd scale F-8 Crusader. Chris Causey