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Bf110G4 NJG4 1944/45 FINISHED!!!!! YIPPEE.

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I've been undecided what to build in this GB, a bomber support Mosquito MkVI of 515 sqdn, or the aircraft type that it was hunting, a Bf110G4.  I've waited so long for a G4 in this scale so this has come out favourite.  It will be G9+EF flown by top scoring Nachtjager Heinz Schnaufer.  Strangely there are no photographs showing the aircraft clearly but Wim had this excellent dramatic illustration commissioned for his book:




I'm hoping to get my model of Bf110E G9+LN finished shortly, it's nearly there, so I can clear the decks ready for this one!

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Yes, I've seen both immaculate fins in the AWM and IWM but they are almost "impostors" in that Schnaufer only flew one operational sortie in the aircraft in question, which wasn't G9+EF in which he scored many of his victories. The fins belong to G9+DX, which Schnaufer had repainted as 3C+BA after this particular aircraft was destroyed by ground strafing at Eggebek  The "new" 3C+BA was subsequently flown to England, though nearly lost on take off by the British pilot when he raised his flaps instead of his undercarriage!


G9+EF came to an inglorious end near the village of Hillegossen whilst being flown by an unknown crew and jumped by P-47s, most of the aircraft ending up as scrap but:




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Great choice Max. I will definitely follow your build. Which donor kit are you using for the conversion?






David, I'm using the Dragon E2 Trop as the base kit, this gives far and away the best number of options for producing a G4, though of course the AIMS conversion is essential!  


This is my starting point, a DB605B engine.  Aires' engine has taken a lot of cleaning up, the "instructions" are vague and ambiguous and there are "options" but no explanation of which options, a blanking plate for instance, suit which aircraft or fit.  Still, it's fun.  So at least one engine will be exposed, perhaps being fitted or serviced, who knows....... :)






I have Henri Daehne's wonderful props and spinners so I want to make the most of these.

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Let's hope my cunning plan is better than all of Baldric's Mike!! :)


Work continues on the DB605B; I've spent quite a lot of time with not very much to show so far mainly because there are no fitment locations yet the angle and position of the three main assemblies is critical one to the other, so lots of checking, trimming, taping, checking, trimming........ :frantic:


Fortunately I took some reasonable reference pictures when I visited Hendon's Bf110 a few years back:




This is of course the Geschwader Kommodore's aircraft and he's having a new engine fitted, so it'll be pretty clean!! 
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