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Marineflieger Viking F-104G Starfighter


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Hi guys


Since I am new here I thought I would show you one of my completed 1/32 models and to say hello! 


Here is Hasegawa's 1/32 F-104G Starfighter kit modelled in the special livery of '26+72", one half of the colourfully painted Marineflieger Vikings display team in their final few shows of their final airshow season before retirement. Quite a bright scheme and maybe not to everybody's taste but I've always loved the German Air Force special schemes and it certainly stands out on my shelf!


It was a model of quite a few firsts for me coming from the world of 1/72. My first 1/32 kit with full rescribe and additional scratch built parts. 


I used an Aires seat (incorrect exact headrest type but none available in this scale-will modify Eduard's one in the future), wheels and J79 exhaust nozzle from Eduard (both very good). 


I pretty much rebuilt the cockpit, new bulged gear doors, some gear well/leg details, fashioned a centre pylon and FOD covers. I wish I had used a better substitute for the intake cover attachment cords among others and the RBF tags are way too big even in 1/32, next time I'll use 1/48 ones. Lessons to take into future 1/32 F-104s of which I plan quite a few.


I used the amazing DACO decal sheets which were extremely accurate from my references, really highly recommend those. Painted with Revell enamels because I thought they matched the RAL callouts the best and weathered only modestly, after all this scheme was only worn for a few months. 


I hope you like it! (I jazzed up some of the photos a little  ;) )























I also built another Viking team jet in the traditional Marineflieger colours, however after an SD card crash this is the only photo I have now :doh: . Italeri kit pretty much OOB with DACO decals,






Having been a long stalker of this site, finally I'm glad I joined and I look forward to taking part here and viewing all the excellent models on the go!


Thanks for any replies and best regards,



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Outstanding F-104's! Having built the Hasegawa 104 you did a great job on the rescribing and riveting. I always liked the 104...saw them fly at Edwards AFB with the Flight Test Center and escort the X-15 back from speed or altitude runs to Rogers Dry Lake. Can almost hear that J-79 engine howl!!

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