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Cyber Hobby Me 110 G-4

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Hi everyone,


I have eventually decided to post my Me 110 build. I have now most of the problems and references sorted with only the rear canopy an unknown factor. As Murphy would have it, as I passed the point of no return, Paster John of AIMS announced his conversion. I am sure his conversion will be more complete and easier to do but I have done too much cutting and pasting on the model to chance now.


So where did the interest start. I passed thru Londen in 1999 and picked up the 1/48 Cutting Edge sheet for the Me 110 G-4 at the old Hannants Shop. (BTW the highlight of my London visit.) I have subsequently built two Monogram kits with the markings on the sheet, the second one with the Cutting edge correction set as well. This is the model in the picture. But I wanted a Me 110 G-4 in my favorite scale. When Dragon released the 110, I picked up a C-7 hoping to one day do a Me 110 G-4. During 2015 I passed thru Hong Kong on a Family visit. My modeling friends in the airlines gave me hobby shop addresses and to cut a long story short, I picked up a Cyber Hobby kit for $50 after discount, reasoning the conversion will be easier using the E-2 Trop. Between other builds I have slowly been working on the G-4 ever since.



The inspiration for the build





I decided to do the most difficult part first. If it did not work out, I could always build a C or E









Some more parts to be made. I used the Monogram 1/48 kit as reference and scaled up the dimensions 1.5 times. The Dragon floor is 10 mm too long for the G-4, so I must still cut it here.




I hope you like it.




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Excellent work Nick!! This is looking really great, and some really nice scratch work.  We are all surprised at the fact that we don't have a new tool IM kit of a G-2/4.  If DML hasn't released a G-2/4 by now, I have my doubts they ever will.

Im investing in the Pastors G-2/4 conversion, as I dont see a new tool IM kit in the near future.

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Great to see you do a wip on this Nick! I saw your posts on another thread and was hoping you would do a thread! Excellent detail work! :thumbsup:


I'll be watching as I'm doing the same conversion, I put my Revell G-4 back on the shelf of doom and got the CH 110 on the bench. Working on the engine nacelles now..... :hmmm:



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                 I'm surprised there is no 1/32 110G kit available.


There will be as soon as Nick finishes his. ;)


Go Nick , go go go :popcorn:

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Hi eveyone,


Thanks for the all the comments. It seems as if a Me 110 G is quite a sought after model. Yes Mmaben, I think Revell or Dragen will announce one about 3 months after my build is complete. That is what happened with my Hasegawa 1/32 F/A-18 build. I completed a F/A-18C from the prototype with the aid of the Paragon set. Three months later Academy announced their F-18.


The problem with my me 110 build is to get references. The internet only supplies so much and plans are not always accurate. This is how I tried to get the nacelle profile as close as possible, But nothing is perfect. Most plans depict the nacelles as egg shaped but the form is actually quite complex if one studies the photos.






Here is a test to see how the model will look with the resin copies of the nacelles in place. I was not completely happy with the spinners and prop blades, so reworked them. The blades seem too big. I checked the SS reference and accordingly the 3.4 meter prop diameter scales out to within .5 mm. 








Here is the rear MFF cannon plumbing. I only realized afterwards almost nothing of this will be visible after the fuselage is closed up.  I have also shortened the floor by 10 mm.






Any comments and suggestions most welcome. The most frustrating part was getting references and also conflicting information.


Hope you enjoy



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Hi Nick

 you are once again involved in a daring conversion ( you know what I mean), I am impressed by the way you captured the nose shape , ( as well the engine cowls , maybe the most difficult) ....yes indeed , impressive job


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