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1/18 Spitfire MkXIV Race #80

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Lovely Lovely and Amazing in so many ways.  Got me into reading about the 1949 Cleveland races. What a story. Might have been third but this thing was out of the box practically whereas the F2Gs were truly racing breeds. That said, I think one of those would be a cool to see here too. 

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Congrats, Peter, on a stunning build! I wish I could go to Telford to see it in person, and to watch the reactions of everyone else that sees it. You have a right to be proud; Edgar would have loved it.

The only question remaining: No what are you going to do to top it?  :P

:thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

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––: Do you hear this thundering noise, Sire?


O: Yes?


 â€“–: It's the people, either staging a revolution or perhaps applauding the skills of a certain "Peter", also known by his dubious alias "Airscale". Frightening, isn't it?


O: No. Whatever it is, let's join the crowds ...





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To comment on your works beauty would be inadequate in any circle. This isn't something words can definitely. Rather, I'll comment on you...a man with a different kind of stuff..."the right stuff." Without you, this could never exist. I understand all to well what you went through. The tasks we're withering. This I know. Mr Churchill said it best, " We shall never surrender." You didn't. You should be rightfully proud. Not of the build, but of yourself. Your masterwork is the result of your heart. I think I speak for everyone here, your work is a redefinition of the genre.


As Kevin said..."not bad." :)



With respect and admiration...



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