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  1. Spectacular work, Karl! And the decals fitted good. In my model I was afraid of them, and used HGW wet transfer.
  2. Huge thanks for kind words! I've found a mistake in my work. Probably the navigation lights must be blue, instead of green. I'll try to fix it.
  3. Thanks all! Yes, it is a foil. It realy looks too shiny when on direct lights. The main color is Tamiya XF-76 Gray Green (IJN) with little modifications.
  4. Thanks all for kind words! I am glad, that you liked my work. The main color is Tamiya XF-76 Gray Green (IJN) but with little modification. I found this paint rather close to original. (for Mitsubishi fighters)
  5. The last photos and some photo in progress
  6. Hi All! This is my Tamiya A6M2b Zero. The kit is wonderful! I enjoyed buildig alot. I used some aftermarket: Eduard BIG ED Master barrels HGW Wet transfers (stencils) HGW belts Montex Masks Prototype is Perl-Harbor SORYU Fighter Group BI-151.
  7. Currently I am building tamiya A6M2 and using HGW wet transfers. The result is amasing. Looks like this I used them on tamiya x-22 and tamiya mark fit. Drying time - 24 hours.
  8. Interesting prototype, fantastic work!
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