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  1. Each of your updates along the way have left me baffled how you could achieve such precision on such small detail parts. However, the overall completed model is even more remarkable. Mike
  2. All I can say is "WOW", but I'll add "stunning" for good measure. Mike
  3. Magnificent. Great choice of subject, and a really fine build. Mike
  4. Thanks Paul, my order has gone in. Mike
  5. Most impressed! I bought this conversion a few years ago then put it on hold when rumours started to emerge of a new 1/32 Mirage. Forgive me for asking, but isn't the nose wheel well for a IIID in the same position as for a IIIC ? (measured in relation to the intakes, not the nose cone) Mike
  6. Absolutely immaculate! Couple this with such an interesting and charming choice of aircraft and it has to be a winner. Mike
  7. Hi Matt, only just seen this - I seem to have missed it somehow. Your Hawk looks magnificent, and I can see the level of effort that's gone into improving the kit as I built one a few years ago adding pylons, gun pack and detail upgrades to a camouflaged one from the Red Arrows boxing. I must admit to being most impressed with your choice of colour scheme and how well it turned out, so much so that I'm using it as inspiration as I refinish the one I made a few years ago. Thanks for showing off your efforts. Mike
  8. Beautifully done. Started mine just a few days ago and I am using your build as a guide on what to expect. Mike
  9. While you make it sound like building the kit was a bit of a battle, it's a battle you clearly won. It looks excellent! Mike
  10. So..you're good with a camera too. What (if anything) aren't you good at? As someone said in another post, maybe we should just go away and sulk for a week. (Plane looks even better now). Mike
  11. Absolutely superb, no other words for it. Also, one of the best 'reads' for a long time. Mike
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