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  1. Love it and the Irish scheme looks fantastic too, Cheers Tony
  2. Keep plodding along mate,...... we are loving your build and watching it intently! What you are doing with the wings is amazing, Cheers Tony
  3. These look great and I`m very interesting in buying them if you ship to the UK. Cheers, Tony
  4. Thank you everybody for your kind remarks,..... glad you like it, Cheers Tony
  5. Thanks again for all of your very kind comments,....... I do enjoy my hairy sticks!! Cheers Tony
  6. Thank you all for your very kind comments,...... it was nice to get a larger scale model done for a change,...... they have all been little ones recently! All the best, Tony
  7. Hiya Folks, I`ve been building this one on and off for a year or so now but I`m finally calling it finished I`ve always had a soft spot for the South African`s in the East African campaign, especially as I served in the area myself in the 80`s,...... and the FLY kit is very good, if a little fiddly in parts,....... but I can definitely recommend it. As usual the model was brush painted. I modified an Xtradecal MSG code letter as the kit ones were not accurate and neither were the unit insignia on the nose, only one of which is supplied....... which were replaced by a pair of decals included with a marking masking set. Here is the subject aircraft, flown by South African ace Major Jack Frost DFC & bar; Here is Frost climbing into a Hurricane, note the 3 Sqn SAAF wasp insignia on the nose with the motto which reads ""Semper Pugnans" or "Always Fighting",; And to provide some mood for the campaign location,......3 Sqn SAAF Hurricane Mk.I`s hiding under what we referred to as `sweetheart bushes' when I served there,......the thorns are huge and very, very painful,......hence the name!!; And here is the model; Cheers, Tony
  8. Hiya Iain, I have just heard from my friend Franta at DK Decals that he has managed to squeeze another option onto his forthcoming sheet for the Liberator and it is the RCAF Sharkmouth,.... as it looked before the face was added.
  9. Re the bomb bay rockets,...... they were a development of having the rockets fitted to the side of the nose. Instead a folding array was built up which meant that the rockets could be carried inside the bomb bay instead, thus causing less drag and they could be swiftly folded out from the bomb bay to fire when needed,......have a look at this thread; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034228-raf-cc-liberator-rocket-installations/ And Eduard do a set in 1/72nd scale for the Lib, this shows in its deployed state,... I think that the rockets could be re loaded in flight too; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10521225 Also re the RCAF Lib with the large face on the nose,...... by the time this was painted on it was used in the Met. Recce role and the Leigh Light had been removed. The antennae on the side of the nose was different too. Cheers Tony
  10. Cheers Iain, Glad you found it of interest mate. I was going to build my 1/32nd Lib as an RAF SEAC aircraft but due to the turret problems I`m thinking of doing a 100 Group RAF one instead, then I can just paint over the turret! Anyway I`ll stop hogging your excellent thread, All the best, Tony
  11. Hello Iain, I don`t know if this is of any us to you from Britmodeller,...... I built the RCAF Liberator in 1/72nd scale and included some photos of the real thing in my post and the attached WIP; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036170-172nd-academy-liberator-grvi-eastern-air-command-met-flt-rcaf-nova-scotia-1945/&tab=comments#comment-2996984 I`ve got the 1/32nd Lib and had a go at polishing up the nose turret glazing today,..... it went better than expected and the glazing is clearer,...... but still not brilliant, plus those awful seam lines and locator pins don`t help either! DK Decals have a Commonwealth sheet planned for this kit too with 4 x options. Good luck mate, Tony
  12. I bought mine yesterday and was disappointed with the turrets,...... especially the frosted over nose turret and the joint lines and seam pins of the rear turret! However some good news,...... especially for modellers of RAF & RAAF subjects is the fact that my friend Franta at DK Decals is releasing a decal sheet for the big kit; Should be; 1x RAAF 1x RAF 100 Group, Bomber Command 1 x RAF SEAC 1X RAF Coastal Command (311 Czech Sqn) Cheers Tony
  13. What a cracking model of the Ulster Battle Bus,...... well done indeed, Cheers Tony
  14. Lovely job and nice to see a Royal Navy Hurricane represented too! Cheers Tony
  15. Thanks again everybody for your very kind words and glad you like my hairy brushing,....some of us are still stuck in the dark ages,......although as I have to model on a tea tray on the couch I don`t think my lovely missus would take kindly to an air brush, even she isn`t that patient!! Cheers Tony
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