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Trumpeter 1:200 HMS Hood + Pontos Detail Set

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Just received the PDF from Iain, and the photos are indeed amazing. One question, though: why did the slip her out with the superstructure unfinished?




I'm fairy certain that that's to open up the yard space for new hull construction, topping off the ship and miscellaneous fittings, including superstructures, in a wet dock.

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OK - more randomness from me - and it's been a while - but a good friend, and member of this parish, has been looking at 1:200 ship models - which, in turn, has pointed out that I really ought to post a progress post on my lack of progress on the kit... ;)


Actually - I had mentioned, back in the mists of time, that I was trying to sort out the space to build and photograph the Hood as I (hopefully) start to make progress.


As some will know - I now have 'studio space' courtesy of my employers and the exchange of a small(ish) amount of cash from my salary each month - so the excuses are disappearing fast!


So - photography - and excuse the mobile phone pix - I don't have a DSLR with me today:




I also have black and coloured backdrop sheets - but I need to find something that doesn't crease - and gives an even black I think...


Model in the photo above is a 1:32 Spitfire for a sense of scale...


Big enough for Hood (with proper camera anyway):




And someone was asking about mounting finials - these are brass lamp fittings from Ebay at about £3 each - used succesfully the other year when I built a 1:400 Titanic for a friends son.




Now looking at suppliers of clear cases...


Stay tuned, or not - but I will make a proper start soon!




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In further madness news, Starling Models here in the UK are discontinuing the North Star models line of accessories - and a 1/3 off notice popped up in my Facebook feed...


Well, I'd ummed and ahhed for a while over getting some of their 3D printed Royal Navy figure sets - and low and behold they had 1 copy of each of two of the Royal Navy sets on stock.


Well, they do say you can't beat a little 'retail therapy'!  ;)


So just over 80 1:200 figures are now winging their way to me as I type...


Royal Navy Static Figures set:











Royal Navy Figures in Working Positions Set 3














I daren't add up the total cost of this project so far - but quite excited to see what these actually look like when they arrive...


There really is some amazing stuff available to the model maker these days!  :)



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Now that's an idea Ron - hadn't thought of that! :)


Model and the detail sets are for Hood pretty late in her career - so would really want to convert her back to her early/mid twenties appearance - and I'm not sure I haven't bitten off too much already!  :wacko:


My grandfather was aboard Hood for a short period in 1924 IIRC as a young seaman - his first ship after shore training. He subsequently went on to gain a Commission, his pilot wings and retired from the service in the 1950's as a Commander (Commander Kenneth Charles Ogilvie OBE RN).




Unfortunately he died before I was born, but my grandmothers' home was like a Royal Navy museum when I was a child - books, photos and memorabilia everywhere.


I believe the mark on his forehead is from crashing a Blackburn Baffin he was flying with 812 NAS in the Med, in the mid thirties...


I also had an old friend, Bill Stone, who was aboard Hood in the 1920's - his favourite ship.


If one of those characters is most suitable for Bill - I'd have use one of the figures with a 'rum' barrel!  :)


But - there's something about a ship like this - not just a piece of machinery - but a home to a whole community. Having read a few books on her, and her crew, I think the figures will add more than the sum of their parts to the final build - if that makes any sense...



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