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  1. This is just the sort of modeling that is really taking my interest at the moment, I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.
  2. I think that a lot of us are in the same boat the whole world over... Each day I "try" and get into my model room and do something, sometimes that something is putting a couple of things away or just sitting on my model chair for a few minutes. If I am lucky I'll do a bit of sanding or glue a couple of bits together then sometimes I'll be able to get into it for a couple of hours. Here in New Zealand our prime minister has suggested that we all remember "to be kind to one another" as we are all in this together. I suggest to go one step further, that is to remember to be kind
  3. I dropped in to my LHS on Monday to pick up a bottle of extra thin cement but they had run out, when I got home I double checked the stash and found 3 unopened bottles….
  4. My income protection will only pay out if I catch the virus (I have checked…)
  5. Hi Simon, Really enjoying following along here! Incase you are still looking for a way to bend some brass tube…. https://www.desertaircraft.com.au/shop/dubro-pipe-bender-1-8-.html I do not know anything about this online shop, I just wanted to find a Australien supplier as an example for you, so have a look around. I do have one of the Dubro tube benders left over from my RC days and they work well.
  6. This is funny, I ordered a Sotar 20/20 last year on the 19th of Jan and have just (as in Monday the 6th of Jan 2020) received it!
  7. This video just popped up in my recommended feed, it is so good I thought it worth sharing.
  8. Shut up and take my money! How do I order one without being on Facebook?
  9. https://forum.model-space.co.uk/default.aspx?g=topics&f=62 Here are links to the first 1 - 62 issues. If you do a WIP here on LSP I'm sure I can help along the way...
  10. Peter! you big tease.... Where is the money-shot?
  11. Very enjoyable WIP, great to see research, skill and passion expressed in plastic!
  12. Nice to see you back with another amazing build, thanks for taking the time to share.
  13. Hi Johan, If you do find the time to make a few more of this jig, I would very much like to purchase one. Cheers, Chris
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