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  1. Fooesboy

    Which compressor?

    +1 for theJun Air, so quite! One of my best hobby purchase decisions.
  2. Fooesboy

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    As a suggestion, go out and treat yourself to a air conditioner. Maybe sell some of the stash to help if you really need to. If you turn your model room into a place where you want to hang out because it is the most comfortable room in the house then you just might do a touch more modeling... or reading in a nice enviroment. Investing in yourself is a smart thing to do, just like your income protection! I'm sure that it would not be too hard or costly to find a small AC unit for your loft. If your stash is giving you some pressure then consider covering it up, a curtain hung in front so that you are not constanely looking at it. I purchased 7 large wardrobes to hold my stash and had (yeah... it grows) everything out of sight.
  3. Fooesboy

    HK Lancaster.

    That's my more or less my plain too, no doubt I'll get tempted by some other shiny new *must have* aftermarket and blow the whole project out of proportion.
  4. Not LSP but I picked up a very rare 1/12 Britten motorbike for $70.00 USD https://www.ebay.com/itm/Britten-V1000-NEW-1-12-scale-metal-model-rare/323225750126?hash=item4b41c18a6e:g:QKgAAOSwJWla4L~m
  5. Fooesboy

    A swarm of Mossies!

    I opened mine, scared my self silly and promptly pack it all back up! Watching a dual build will be great, best of luck.
  6. Fooesboy

    How much rib stitching do I need?

    Interesting topic for sure with no right or wrong answer. I pulled out my Roden F.1 kit and a WnW D.VII (yeah I know can't compare apples and ....) The Roden wings are virtually bare whereas the WnW has lovely surface detail showing the stitching. Go with the Archer rib stitching if you want to try the look and post your findings, I for one would love to see the result. Cheers, Chris
  7. Fooesboy

    Phone camera pics-

    I was suprised at how good my S8 was with macro photos. This was taken on the beach in Tonga, the sand is quite coarse but it's still sand.
  8. Fooesboy

    Scalemates... Good, Bad or just meh?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, I too have signed up. I will be keeping my excel list as my master with the most infomation, but I do like the photos all together on Scalemates.
  9. Fooesboy

    Scalemates... Good, Bad or just meh?

    Thats what I was thinking really, but I have a huge stash and migrating my info over would be a massive undertaking. The other point is that my excel list has info like date purchased, amount paid and where I purchased it from. This info I find particularly important to me so that would mean I would need to keep 2 list updated.... I really like the visual side, being able to brouse the stash and have all the associated aftermarket in one place is very appealing.
  10. Hi guys, Just looking at joing Scalemates as a way to record my stash. I already have an excel list that is rather comprehensive but I like the way Scalemates has the box artwork and the aftermarket (of which I have far too much of) all linked together. I would appreciate your comments or thoughts? or is there another alterntive out there? Cheers, Chris
  11. Fooesboy

    Wingnut Wings Taube 07/14/18 Wings

    Looking at them now I see that they are a bit out of focus, probally because of the low light levels... oh-well And a couple of others... If you want the images that are not on subject deleted just let me know. Chris
  12. Fooesboy

    Wingnut Wings Taube 07/14/18 Wings

    This is such an interesting model! I'm looking forward to seeing your work on it expecially your take on keeping the translucent nature of the wings. I have some photos of Peter Jackson's 1:1 that I took a couple of years ago, I'll dig them out and post if you are interested? Chris
  13. My obsession / money pit...
  14. Fooesboy

    LSP Christmas Raffle Winners!!!

    Me three, still no word... Looks like he is not a regular on LSP?
  15. Fooesboy

    Felixstowe N4297

    I haven't looked in for a while but real glad I did today. Looking great, I really, really like the contrast effect that you have achieved in your wood graining.