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  1. I'll be using the X-Wing book to gauge what the paid books are like.
  2. Hi Kevin, Works for me too now. Thank you very much, I'll look forward to reading through soon. Chris
  3. Fooesboy


  4. Hi Kevin, I'm getting the error message too. Using windows internet explorer and windows 10. Chris
  5. Hi Michael, I stumbled onto this thread while researching the BR 86 Dampflokomotive and was wondering if you have made and further progress? Cheers, Chris
  6. Fooesboy

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Happy birthday Maru, have a special day!
  7. Fooesboy

    Proper Plane wooden propellers

    Just ordered 3 to try, looking forward to seeing them up close.
  8. Fooesboy

    super glue tip clogging

    The wall thickness for the needle is very thin so the heat does not travel very far at all, less than 1/2 it's length. The only downside to this trick is that when you go to purchase your needles you get some funny looks.
  9. Fooesboy

    super glue tip clogging

    Go get a hypodermic needle, cut the tip off so that it is no longer sharp. The plastic end on the needle fits nice and tight onto the end of the Zap CA bottle. When the needle gets blocked with glue simply take a lighter and heat the tip, the glue will burn out and leave a nice fresh fine hole to apply the glue with. As an added benefit as the needle blocks it keeps the glue fresh!
  10. +1 for the Shikego Koike prints from HLJ, I have a couple and they look great when professionaly framed. Well worth the money.
  11. Fooesboy

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Thank you for bringing the awesomeness! Please Sir, may I have some more?
  12. This should be quite something to watch come together, best of luck!
  13. Fooesboy

    Which compressor?

    +1 for theJun Air, so quite! One of my best hobby purchase decisions.
  14. Fooesboy

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    As a suggestion, go out and treat yourself to a air conditioner. Maybe sell some of the stash to help if you really need to. If you turn your model room into a place where you want to hang out because it is the most comfortable room in the house then you just might do a touch more modeling... or reading in a nice enviroment. Investing in yourself is a smart thing to do, just like your income protection! I'm sure that it would not be too hard or costly to find a small AC unit for your loft. If your stash is giving you some pressure then consider covering it up, a curtain hung in front so that you are not constanely looking at it. I purchased 7 large wardrobes to hold my stash and had (yeah... it grows) everything out of sight.
  15. Fooesboy

    HK Lancaster.

    That's my more or less my plain too, no doubt I'll get tempted by some other shiny new *must have* aftermarket and blow the whole project out of proportion.