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  1. This is just the sort of modeling that is really taking my interest at the moment, I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.
  2. I dropped in to my LHS on Monday to pick up a bottle of extra thin cement but they had run out, when I got home I double checked the stash and found 3 unopened bottles….
  3. Hi Simon, Really enjoying following along here! Incase you are still looking for a way to bend some brass tube…. https://www.desertaircraft.com.au/shop/dubro-pipe-bender-1-8-.html I do not know anything about this online shop, I just wanted to find a Australien supplier as an example for you, so have a look around. I do have one of the Dubro tube benders left over from my RC days and they work well.
  4. This video just popped up in my recommended feed, it is so good I thought it worth sharing.
  5. Shut up and take my money! How do I order one without being on Facebook?
  6. https://forum.model-space.co.uk/default.aspx?g=topics&f=62 Here are links to the first 1 - 62 issues. If you do a WIP here on LSP I'm sure I can help along the way...
  7. Peter! you big tease.... Where is the money-shot?
  8. Very enjoyable WIP, great to see research, skill and passion expressed in plastic!
  9. Nice to see you back with another amazing build, thanks for taking the time to share.
  10. Hi Johan, If you do find the time to make a few more of this jig, I would very much like to purchase one. Cheers, Chris
  11. Great work so far on this project, I'm sure this will be a real head turner when finished. I was surprised to see you use styrene for the fuselage and not brass rod, I know it is much easier to work with but would be concerned about supporting the finished weight without twisting or bending. But that is why I am merely the padawan, not the master.... Looking forward to following along and learning some new ideas.
  12. I'll be using the X-Wing book to gauge what the paid books are like.
  13. Hi Kevin, Works for me too now. Thank you very much, I'll look forward to reading through soon. Chris
  14. Hi Kevin, I'm getting the error message too. Using windows internet explorer and windows 10. Chris
  15. Hi Michael, I stumbled onto this thread while researching the BR 86 Dampflokomotive and was wondering if you have made and further progress? Cheers, Chris
  16. The wall thickness for the needle is very thin so the heat does not travel very far at all, less than 1/2 it's length. The only downside to this trick is that when you go to purchase your needles you get some funny looks.
  17. Go get a hypodermic needle, cut the tip off so that it is no longer sharp. The plastic end on the needle fits nice and tight onto the end of the Zap CA bottle. When the needle gets blocked with glue simply take a lighter and heat the tip, the glue will burn out and leave a nice fresh fine hole to apply the glue with. As an added benefit as the needle blocks it keeps the glue fresh!
  18. Thank you for bringing the awesomeness! Please Sir, may I have some more?
  19. This should be quite something to watch come together, best of luck!
  20. +1 for theJun Air, so quite! One of my best hobby purchase decisions.
  21. That's my more or less my plain too, no doubt I'll get tempted by some other shiny new *must have* aftermarket and blow the whole project out of proportion.
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