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Wingnut Wings DH9A Ninak finished


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Hello ,


after nearly 2 moths of pure fun I can call my Ninak finished.

One of the best kits from WnW and also one of the most complex and challanging one with 295 parts and a lot of rigging to be done.


Not many words to say , the building report can be found here : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66570


I hope you like the pictures and follow me with my next build , a Sopwith Triplane.















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Very nice Peter. I am half way doing my Ninak. Once that finished I'll be entering a local group build, doing...a WNW Triplane. I'll be doing the French scheme in the box. So I'll be following your Tripe build! Again, well done with the Ninak. I'd be a happy man if mine ends up somewhat close to your build quality. Cheers, Marc

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