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Wingnut Wings DH9A Ninak finished


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Love it. The Ninak one of the few WnW kits I really want but don't have in he stash. Seeing yours makes me want to pull the trigger and get one.


If I may ask, what colours did you use for the struts? I've been struggling to get a nice warm medium wood shade.

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@ tbell ,


the base coat for the struts is Tamiya XF-59 desert yellow.

Then I apply a mix of two Griffin Alkyd ( Winsor & Newton fast drying oil colours ) , Yellow Ocre and Burnt Sienna ( appr. 2:1 ) thinned with AK Interactive White Spirit.

Before it starts to dry ( after 30 minutes ) I remove most of the oil with an old stiff brush as long as I think the result is ok to me and I have achived a nice wood like structure.

Sounds complicated , but it's really easy to do.

Big advantage with the Alkyd colours is the drying time , they are completely dry over night and can then be painted over.

I finish wood parts with a clear coat of Tamiya X20 with a little clear yellow and clear orange added. That gives a deep effect to the wood and also a warmer colour.




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Thanks! I've been using oils over acrylics for wood tones for some time now and I'm happy with my dark (e.g. mahogany) and light (birch) shades, but never seem to get a medium shade that I like. The best I've been able to come up with is this




I'll be trying your colour combos.


Thanks again,


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