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B-17G D Day Doll April 1945


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brief introduction as I am new in this forum: My name is Yrjö (same as George in English :0)) and I am located in Helsinki, Finland. I made my first model at the age of 6 in 1969 and made them up till 1978. Then I had a break like 30 years and now I have been doing roughly 1-2 models/year. I have written articles to local modelling magazines. I am a big fan of B-17G and when HK Models announced, that they will make a 1:32 version of it, I just had to get one.
I was visiting Hong Kong in June 2013 and aranged a meeting with Neil Yan /HK Models. I wrote an article about them to Finnish modelling magazine "Mallix" . He gave me a early run version of B-17G. There are two different shade of gray color parts in it. I am not going to go to all the details here but if you are interested to hear more, looking forward to share my experience. I have taken a lot of pictures as I plan to write an article once I have finished this. I must say that it has been a long journey with this kit.
I will put one picture here to show how far I am at the moment. My B-17G was at the modelling event "Nordic Challenge" on the "projects" table last weekend.
Reference for my B-17G: those two pictures in 447BG site from 21.4.1945. Zotz decals nose art does not match with the one in the pictures.
The list of accessories is the following:
Zotz : Heavenly Bodies Nose Art
Kits-World  KW132069 stencils
Eduard: 32774 interior, 32775 front iterior, 32780 waist interior part 1, JX 155 mask
Eduard Brassin:632017 weels, 632033 ahtimet
Profimodeller: 32150 gunbarrels brass
HGWModels: 132534 belts
AMS Resin 32097: prop governors 
Live Resin 35147: 50 cal. feed chutes
Looking forward to join LSP :0)!



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I was in Helsinki two weeks ago and while on my way towards the city with tram 9 I spotted a very nice modelshop. Unfortunately I did not have the time to get out and visit.

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Welcome aboard, Yrjö!




Your B-17 looks terrific. I've taken the liberty of adding your image inline in the post, rather than as just a hyperlink.



Thank's Kev ! I just setting photbucket account....

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