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  1. Thanks, I found your pictures from the doors. Very clever way to modify them. Any measurements how much wider you made the doors? The one thing I am missinig. Did you modify also the front part of the doors? I have understood that the make the larger starts already from the front of the doors. cheers Yrjo ps. I sent a message to scratchbuilder
  2. Brilliant buld, my target is JB139 Dark Victor so I need to make the same changes.
  3. I am planning to build JB139 and based on SAMs The Avro Lancaster Modellers Data File, it should be one of the 550 batch Mk IIIs ordered from A.V. Roe Chadderton late 1941 (JA672-JB748). How could I find more detailed information from when it was actually build?
  4. Excelent work! Just comming back to my lanc project after 6 months break. Where did you get the bulged bomb bay doors? I would need those to my project.
  5. Thanx, a bit rusty with the links etc. Been away from this site some time as after B-17G, I just could not make any planes for a while.
  6. Hi, back in business after the HKM B-17G. Recently I have been mainly making 1:35 armour but this lanc is now on my desk:
  7. Hi Joel, not well in Stockholm but my mistake propably was the I made a base for this kit and it was not good. I just could not resist. Also as there are removeable wings, the fuselage/wing joint is not perfect. I Hi Joel, not well in Stockholm but I do not mind. The three days trip with three other modelers to Stockholm was the main thing - with a lot of beer and fun :0) We call these A-Class trips ;0))
  8. Hi Chris, thank you from your kind words :0)! It was indeed a challenge to weather this size of kit and to avoid over do it. I have read a some books about B-17 and the " Masters of the Air " by Donald L. Miller and visited several museums. Knowing the amount of variants there has been from B-17G and how much those planes could have been repaired and modified in the field, I just decided, that the two main visible corrections this kit needed were the Tokyo tank air intakes in the wing tips and antennas. Other improvements were more nice to have and just for fun. There are still inaccuracies,
  9. Hi I have finally got decent photos from my B-17G :0) Also I have also put the video to Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvOd_2Hwh9Y
  10. Thank you all from very much from your very nice comments :0) I really appreciate them. Just arriving to Stockholm taking my B-17 to " first mission" to IPMS 08 Open :0) with three other fellow modelers :0)) Ps. Just remind that more details from my B-17 project can be found from Work in Progress forum (B-17G D Day Doll April 1945) Have a great weekend :0))! Yrjo
  11. And I am learning to use LSP with iPhone, so apologies if there are some mistakes :0))
  12. And there is in Work in Progress forum a lot info and pics ( B-17G D Day Doll April 1945)
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