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PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)


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The Catalina has, and will allways be my favorite aircraft. And I spend my summer holidays reading about this incredible plane...




Next issue will be a tough one, to decide what plane to make...


Right now, I am doing a lot of research into the Danish Catalinas which served in Greenland from 1947 to 1970.


In August I got an invitation to get a tour inside the Catalina in the Danish Flymuseum together with a couple of veterans on the PBY.

Lau and Poul. 'Man what stories they could tell' only thing I regret, is that I didn't bring some kind of recording device...


This experience really got me going on this project...












This Catalina is in a very superb condition, it was supposed to fly again but an accident with the upper wing, grounded it because of regulations and permissions.

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'The Catalina has, and will always be my favorite aircraft.'

Mine as well.


Good on you.  Fine pictorial start.  Love those interior shots.  Those looms are massive!  Why aren't you smiling ear to ear?  I sure would be.  Will be following along.


I have a few manuals on CD.  If there is something you'd like, let me know.




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wow thats got my interest :)


I am half Danish (my mother) so I would be thrilled to see you do that version - talking to those guys and getting the tour of a Danish bird must have sealed the deal I hope!


with what you did to the B25 leaving me gasping for something to steady myself, I can't wait to see this come together



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