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  1. Beautiful bird and thank you for the detailed WIP. Its been a pleasure to follow this stunning build.
  2. i was amazed at the turn out - it seemed like half of auckland was there. we took a car load up (dad, uncle, family friend and myself) and got a spot between the skyhawk, avro anson and the mosquito. i have only uploaded one of the video clips i have so far - i havent uploaded the anson yet - but here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2GOod7EsWU&feature=plcp
  3. very nice - what size nozzle is your 3d printer using?
  4. for those of us who arent in the states there is a nice virtual tour of the museum with audio clips here well worth a look
  5. congrats - its a very tidy looking plane
  6. could it be because of the stance of the plane/wing that having them open that way means they cant accidentally close on the crew's fingers and the ammo, and it doesnt require bracing to hold it open - gravity does it for free it looks to be quite a large door - maybe 1.5m long by 0.6m wide
  7. did i miss something in this thread - who is doing some Kiwi decals? i have the hasa sitting here waiting its turn
  8. while it might seem that the model is getting the better of you, please dont ditch it - the work you have put into it is stunning and i cant wait to see it finished - it truly is amazing
  9. we use tiny drills in our LPKF PCB mill which are supplied from embedded logic in NSW - you can make up a 10 spiral drill bit set by individual bits or buy the drill bits in packs of ten. they only go up in 0.1mm increments http://www.emlogic.com.au/price.php - under the LPKF tools
  10. very impressive work Nige - looking forward to seeing it loaded up
  11. wow - that is one nice looking plane
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