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A-4E Skyhawk Aggressor (Trumpeter A-4F kit - 1/32)


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Scale: 1/32

Kit: Trumpeter A-4F

Aftermarket accesories:

Airscale Decals/Placards. (http://www.airscale.co.uk/).

Eduard Cockpit self adhesive PE. 33095. (http://www.eduard.com/).

Eduard A-4E canopy masks. (http://www.eduard.com/).

Eduard 32783 A-4E/F Escapac seatbelts etc. (http://www.eduard.com/).

Eduard 32345 A-4E/F Slats. (http://www.eduard.com/).

TwoBobs Decals unfortunately out of production. 32-010 "Top Gun Tinker Toys". Generously donated by LSP member Mark31. Thank you Mark!

True Details A-4E/F resin tyres. 32014.


Note: This kit was a traded item, received in trade with many of the listed extras from LSP member Reconspit.


Paints used:

Gunze Aqueous and Tamiya Aqueous colors; thinned with isopropanol alcohol (ISP)

Alclad (various metal shades).


Main references:



Hello everybody! I am continuing in my fashion of starting projects and not finishing them - yet again!! I have begun by selecting the Trumpeter A-4F Skyhawk kit and I plan on building an Aggressor bird!

This is the aircraft I will be modeling:




I began by building the ACMI Pod from scratch! Using old sprue runners, scrap plastic and some brass and aluminum tube.




Closer up:



This ACMI Pod will eventually go on the center station weapons pylon:


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Another small update! I completed the scratch building of the ADU-229 weapons pylon adapter...




Then the rail is attached:




And finally the ACMI!




Hope you all are enjoying this build!

I know I am!

Cheers and happy modeling!


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