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German F-104G - Norm83 wrap around lizard camo


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I've started this build a few month ago, but make the Aires cockpit fit into the kit fuselage was a real pain in the ... bottom. This resin cockpit is damn beautiful but i've rarely seen something so badly engineered... Even the clear resin (but not so clear !) instrument panel is a strange choice.... But with a lot of love and care things finally went well. :)


About a week ago i was finally able to close this cockpit and continue to work on this build.


So here are my first steps. It will be a german F-104G (i plan to make 3, one for each german camos, to recoup the cost of the huge DACO decal sheet !), and this one will be painted with the later Norm83 camo, with a 3 tones of green wrap around camo.









First, i started to work on the seat. The aires resin is very nice, but the belts are a bit tricky to set up. I tried to fold them to get something realistic. I even had to cut some of the belts as the main buckle is made of resin and moulded with the seat as a single part...

Then i made the oxygen hose with copper and lead wire (the one supplied in the Aires seat was in a kind of vinyl and was broken in several parts) with a bit of small brass tube to make the connector and joined a small electrical wire (microphone?) with the small socket, made of stretched cotton-bud.






THen with a coat of primer. That looks good enough to me ! The oxygen hose will be put in shape later, when the seat will be installed in the cockpit.


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Thanks Jack !



Regarding the very bad fitting of the cockpit, i first planned to make a step by step tutorial about where to cut, where to sand and what to do to get the things better. But unfortunately, my internet connexion at home is out of order for almost 1 month and a half, now. So i have to say that this made me a bit demotivated and i did not take enough pictures of the dry fits. So it will be for the next one (if i keep chosing the Aires cockpit ! This one is not for lazy guys, and i am a bit lazy... :) )

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Thanks a lot guys !

Merci Bill !


I forgot to post these pictures :



THe instrument panel is supplied by Aires as a clear resin part. But it's not so clear actually. I first polished the backside with some UMP polishing sticks, but it's impossible to polish the front inside the small bezels. So i just masked the instrument glasses, painted the IP, unmasked and then put a drop of Krystal Klear on the glasses. This product is amazing.

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