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  1. With not few Germans here on LSP you might consider to have German stuff proof-read, John. I for myself would love to assist.
  2. Hallöle! I also have some of those colours here with me, but haven´t used them ´til now. Looking forward what others will reply to this. Did you use their own thinner?
  3. This seller also offers two other HobbyBoss / Trumpeter kits, which he describes as having been assembled for a hobby show (aka Nuremberg Toy Fair). I never heard of stuff having been given away after the show, but given the state of those it could have been. I, for myself, wouldn't bother to take these crude build kits back home to China... on on the A-26: the guns of the upper turret, is it correct that those move up in slots? IIRC this could have been an error in the Monogram 1/48 kit, also?!?
  4. I guess Radu is right. I also thought about an ammo container having seen the hanlde on the kit´s instruction. Found this here on alarmy: Here is a closer view of how it is attached to the front canopy: Seems it makes use of the same triangular attachment brackets as did the compass on the A-1. I had to scratch this in my build. HTH
  5. Andy, first of all: top job!!! Such a pleasure to follow this build! Hope the weekend gets some progress. I need more!!!
  6. Absolutely a miracle finish! Miroslav, you are the best! Love it!!!
  7. At least that´s the way I would do it! When my ancestors decided not to bother masking such areas, this, IMHO, shows efficiency in wartime. And no, I don´t think we lost the war because such things, hehe...
  8. Short, but informative review. Just as I like it! Thank you! As you said, the IP decals are sadly useless. Yahu to the rescue!
  9. Javier, as a native German speaker I just would like to get you the correct spelling: Vater u. Sohn Please also note the upper and lower case letters. I cannot read the the word above " Vater u. Sohn", maybe there will be a better picture posted here? Hope my little contribution will help you to do a wonderful build!
  10. Fulda? Just about 362 kilometres form where I am. Straight up North. Traffic jams, and a Russian tank here and there...
  11. Absolutely amazing! Beautiful works so far, simply fantastic!
  12. Looking really great! Any idea on the price so far? "Friedensengel", what a name! Translates to "Angel of peace"...
  13. Maybe you guys can enlighten me a bit: what exactly is the bow problem? Not steep enough? Thank you!
  14. Joe, the only other one I know would be MDC's Ar 234. A full resin kit, designed by artist Radu Brinzan. Having seen both kits I tend to say Radu's is the better one, imho. I have got my hands on it, so, if you would be interested in details, you know where to find me!
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