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  1. Had the pleasure to meet Bekim today at the Leipheim / Germany model show. An extremely nice and talented chap! And his 3D model here is pure art! I got almost speechless seeing this amazing model!
  2. Got those beautiful legs and seamless Vulcan intakes yesterday. Wonderful stuff, and VERY strong! Now I’m thinking about how to remove the casting stubs from the LG parts… I am a happy customer!
  3. Some nice work here! Will check for sure when doing mine!
  4. 342 pages, and files to cut your own masks! This, again, is a winner for me! Thank you, Kevin, for publishing, and a deep bow to John out of respect for his masterpiece(s)!
  5. Got mine last week, a hell lot of money for such a piece. But, who am I to complain when having a Border Lanc? Again, this set looks just great, as in the pictures. I just try not to think about what it did cost...
  6. Thank you, Nils! At least MBK has stopped to order stuff from Russia due to the war. Late in the evening I got an email from Quinta, giving me a PayPal address in Kasachstan. I guess due to PayPal not doing business in Russia, too. Paid as „ordering goods“, so there is a refund possible just in case.
  7. Any European distributor of this set? Tried to order directly, but using PayPal led to an error, and the other option (whatever this is) got me to a "Thank You!" site...
  8. 262 pages of modelling porn! Wow! Immediately bought when noticed this morning!
  9. Well, one needs solder to, errhh, solder. Flux fluid or paster helps the solder to flow easily and get a nice weld seam.
  10. I use a heat sink on previously soldered areas. A wet piece of kitchen towel should work. Wrapp around the previously soldered area. I bought a Weller Soldering Station, setting the temperature at around 300 degrees Celsius, depending on the task to solder. I also use soldering flux and fine or medium size solder.
  11. Good evening John! Wonderful to see you are doing new stuff despite this health issues! Hope you are doing better! I just added the corrections I found here: Best regards, Thomas
  12. Paul, those are from Border, as far as I know. I told MBK about the discussion on scratched or broken clear parts here on LSP and elsewhere, so possibly they got some replacements from Border. But this is just me guessing. As far as I heard Border has, or will not do, better clear parts. So, I just had some luck and enjoyed great customer service getting much better parts from MBK, where I bought my kit from.
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