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  1. Good evening John! Wonderful to see you are doing new stuff despite this health issues! Hope you are doing better! I just added the corrections I found here: Best regards, Thomas
  2. Paul, those are from Border, as far as I know. I told MBK about the discussion on scratched or broken clear parts here on LSP and elsewhere, so possibly they got some replacements from Border. But this is just me guessing. As far as I heard Border has, or will not do, better clear parts. So, I just had some luck and enjoyed great customer service getting much better parts from MBK, where I bought my kit from.
  3. Just received my clear sprue replacements from Modellbau König (MBK)! On first glance my Lanc now has immaculate clear parts, so much better then the ones in the kit!
  4. Like it a lot! Revell´s Ju 88 kits are well designed and look just correct when done. Yours is a good example of a cool build!
  5. Nigel has just posted a video on hints and corrections he found when doing his build. Also, the assembly manual can be seen clearly:
  6. Just as an explanation, me thinks there might be a restriction on file size to be uploaded to ScaleMates. Doesn’t make things better. Also, whenever I uploaded a PDF file, SM software seems to do something, making the file even worse. Also, the assembly manual is also rather on the lower end of what is possible. Far away from anything WNW did… I for myself hope to make it more clear watching the YouTube vids of Nigel’s Modelling Builds. Drop me a PM with your Email address, and I will do Scans of the manual. This takes some time, though.
  7. Vincent, after reading the caption of this picture I got curious. What publication is this picture from? I grew up nearby Stuttgart-Echterdingen, where Stuttgart airport is today. Maybe there is a chance to get more information on the place of his "landing", or what has happened? Sorry for being off-topic here!
  8. Awful news indeed. I feel so sorry for you! Hope you find a way to ease the pain. So sorry, John.
  9. Purchased, too! Always good to see such information and great builds in one place!
  10. Wonderful idea to offer those propeller logos! I just placed me order for two scales! Hope they come with information on placement on the blade.
  11. PW changed. Good job getting this place back, Kevin!
  12. There is no need to actually touch the CA with the accelerator. I dip a brush (any will do) in the accelerator and hold it near to the CA. Then a careful blow of the accelerator fumes over the CA, and presto!
  13. Always interesting to see one of my pictures pop-up on the Net. This one is from a series I did back then in 2002 in Duxford. I have some more in the walk around section over on SPAModeler, John. But, as one has to be logged in to see those additional pics, it would not hurt to add some more here. Enjoy! Thomas
  14. The 3cm cannons and their feed look superb! Great skills on show here!
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