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  1. Just placed my order at Shapeways, in smoothest fine detail plastic. Wouter, thank you so much for making this possible! Now, if only someone would redo the resin bomb bay part of this conversion set...
  2. Hello Thierry, I have to thank you for all the links you provided on the Tsurugi! The material you show up will be so helpful when I will do my build some day! Did you post a WIP here or anywhere else? Would love to read it! Best regards, from rainy southern Germany, Thomas
  3. I made use of his decals when doing my 1/32 Ju 88. I noticed that the decals are printed continuous, means, I had to cut each from the others around. No problem. They have been VERY thin and almost didn´t show as decals on the painted surface. As I mostly used the small stencils colour saturation of black decals was no problem. They have been very handy, as Revell didn´t provide most of the stencils.
  4. I also used Tamiya's cutter for years. Even bought a second one in case the first one would stop working, just as a backup. Then I tried the one-side cutting Dispae. What a difference! Exact and clean cuts that often not even needed sanding after cutting! Just for fun I also but the cheap Trumpeter one. Works the same. Now the Dispae is the backup cutter. Never turned back to other cutters.
  5. Strange... As long as I tried on my WIN 10 computer I couldn't get the Excel file. By pure luck I tried on my iPad, and bingo!!
  6. Tried it again a minute ago, same crap... Ernest, any chance to send me the Excel-file by email?
  7. Tried to download the Excel-file, but the link to app.box was not found... Anyone with more luck?
  8. I so far bought oen large scale Roden kit. Got rid of it soon... I will gladly wait for ICM, or even Revell´s possible re-boxing.
  9. With not few Germans here on LSP you might consider to have German stuff proof-read, John. I for myself would love to assist.
  10. Hallöle! I also have some of those colours here with me, but haven´t used them ´til now. Looking forward what others will reply to this. Did you use their own thinner?
  11. This seller also offers two other HobbyBoss / Trumpeter kits, which he describes as having been assembled for a hobby show (aka Nuremberg Toy Fair). I never heard of stuff having been given away after the show, but given the state of those it could have been. I, for myself, wouldn't bother to take these crude build kits back home to China... on on the A-26: the guns of the upper turret, is it correct that those move up in slots? IIRC this could have been an error in the Monogram 1/48 kit, also?!?
  12. I guess Radu is right. I also thought about an ammo container having seen the hanlde on the kit´s instruction. Found this here on alarmy: Here is a closer view of how it is attached to the front canopy: Seems it makes use of the same triangular attachment brackets as did the compass on the A-1. I had to scratch this in my build. HTH
  13. Andy, first of all: top job!!! Such a pleasure to follow this build! Hope the weekend gets some progress. I need more!!!
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