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  1. Absolutely a miracle finish! Miroslav, you are the best! Love it!!!
  2. At least that´s the way I would do it! When my ancestors decided not to bother masking such areas, this, IMHO, shows efficiency in wartime. And no, I don´t think we lost the war because such things, hehe...
  3. Short, but informative review. Just as I like it! Thank you! As you said, the IP decals are sadly useless. Yahu to the rescue!
  4. Javier, as a native German speaker I just would like to get you the correct spelling: Vater u. Sohn Please also note the upper and lower case letters. I cannot read the the word above " Vater u. Sohn", maybe there will be a better picture posted here? Hope my little contribution will help you to do a wonderful build!
  5. Fulda? Just about 362 kilometres form where I am. Straight up North. Traffic jams, and a Russian tank here and there...
  6. Absolutely amazing! Beautiful works so far, simply fantastic!
  7. Looking really great! Any idea on the price so far? "Friedensengel", what a name! Translates to "Angel of peace"...
  8. Maybe you guys can enlighten me a bit: what exactly is the bow problem? Not steep enough? Thank you!
  9. Joe, the only other one I know would be MDC's Ar 234. A full resin kit, designed by artist Radu Brinzan. Having seen both kits I tend to say Radu's is the better one, imho. I have got my hands on it, so, if you would be interested in details, you know where to find me!
  10. Maybe I could join the comparison with my 1/16 scale RC kit. If it gets build some day. What a beast!
  11. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing this video. So touching, see this veteran being back with a Lanc.
  12. Same here! The shape of the Jagdpanther cries power and destruction. A superiour running gear together with well sloped armour and a gun that could blast anything in reach. What a combination!
  13. So I am back here on this so informative topic, only to see the the "forum´s menace" has struck again... Initially I wanted to thank all for this valuable exchange of information and help, but now I am somehow shocked to see Vincent remove his contributions. I feel sad that a fine thread has gone down the drain. As another no-native speaker I think I can understand the problems of people interacting in a language that isn´t their mother tongue. Too bad this sometime gets personal, with consequences for all of us who enjoyed the information shared here alot, especially yours, Vincent! Don´t know what to say, I feel sad. @ Vincent: I hope you might be able to have your posts restored. What a loss for many of us because of this!
  14. Yes, the Euro 359 is including our 19% VAT.
  15. Here we go the same lane: I also don´t like to get photographed.
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