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  1. To me disappointing News from Tamiya. Not really an new thing to your bin. Just some new HVARs, slightly different canopy and other small stuff. Sadly Tamiya missed the chance to release a really new kit to enlarge the existing portfolio.
  2. What a beauty and elegant a/c. Was my fav. VVS ride during my time as onliner flying IL-2 1946.ðŸ˜
  3. Nice JaBo-Rei. Like the paintjob.
  4. No troubles with Alclad and masking? Did you seal the Alclad prior airbrushing the national isignia?
  5. 😂 l don't remember ever slung that amount PEs on a model. Today l paid some attention to the tail. First l tried to solder the hinges and brass rods but gave up after l lost patience with those tiny parts. So l decided to glue. To show the nature of the counter-acting Il-2 Flettner-taps l positioned the rudder and elevator in sligthly deflected position. The guns made of 1.5mm brass tube. Same the Pitot. The kit one had to leave for a brass-tube injection needle combo.
  6. Thank you. @Peter, my ZM He 219 arrived yesterday, though l already store the Revell one. Your built report is reason l ordered the ZM copy. I hope you have a guilty conscience?😅😅😅
  7. Thanks guys for the ideas and the shared pics.🖒🖒🖒 Ideal weather on Good Friday to work a little for the wings and the missing maintenance hatches on the upper and lower wing. Using very thin Greensheetsome copper wire for the joints and some small PE from the junk box for the fasteners. I know the real ones were as prominent as the ones provided by Eduard and the selfmade but they will effect fine with the paintjob. Added the Eduard modyfied rails for the RS-82 rockets. The rockets are aftermarket RES-IM RS-82 made of resine. The railds are just clicked in and will been removed for paintjob.
  8. Stunning paintjob and weathering, Miroslav (as usual) :punk:
  9. Despite the sunny days that WE I found some time for my Iljuschin for further build. I have to admit I've never put that heavy load of metal to an aircraft model. I get the impression my model gained weight by a ton. The Eduard PE-parts worth any penny and turn the outer shape of the Flying Tank into a nice 3D experience. Sadly Eduard external PE-sheet provides too few maintenance hatches and letting out enough EP-hatches for the outer portion of the wings. Maybe Eduards concession to the wooden wing variant produced until 1944, though both wing types were produced for that IL-2 subtype. The kit carbutor intake I cut because it was of unround shape. I replaced it by a Aluminum turn part I made. The mesh for the sandfilter is Eduard too. The facing intake part was fully closed and needed to be drilled out in the ellipsoid appear of the original thing. The kit provides two undercarriage options – that one made of white metal and moulded plastic.. The lower wing with tons of hatches to do. I think to use Bare Metal Foil for that to have the same style of hatches over the whole wing.
  10. Did you glue the inlay wing structure to the wing Segment? IIRC the manual says to attach that inlay without any glueing to allow the inlay to move slighly. I did the same mistake and had to sand down These connections parts you show in your pics
  11. I think thats the most sexy WWII-plane. I just ordered my Revell-copy of it - after watching your built. Great work on the pit.
  12. Dmthamade I'm not not sure up until now, but I tend toward that one.
  13. Great work on the pit. Maybe better to zoom in next time for better details.
  14. Yesterday I finished the last steps on the pit with dry brushing and MiG-washes. Just as I was about to glue the last strap on the pilot seat I skidded a little that left some nasty glue stain on the seat. To clean the seat I used the AK-airbrush cleaner which nearly solved the seat. After some extra hours of work I finally glued in the corrected and reworked seat. Not to be seen here is the rear gunner seat strap, which picture I'll include with the next post
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