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THANKS to all of you who participated! PLEASE READ


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First I want to thank all of you who participated weather you finished a model or not. You all helped to make this one of LSP's most successful group builds ever, and I am honored I got to host it.


We had 87 Entries and of that 27 models were completed before the deadline. Pretty impressive effort!  I'd like to encourage  everybody that didn't finish, to please finish up your projects in the WIP section of LSP.


 Secondly, I need anybody who asked to donate a kit or kits for prizes to please contact me as soon as possible so that we can draw a few winners from the  folks who completed models.


Thirdly, I would like to ask for my fellow moderator's help in updating build links with finished kits and assist those who wish to have their unfinished models moved to works in progress. Unfortunately right after Christmas things got very unpredictable with work and as a result I haven't been able to do as much as I was doing moderating our group previously.  


And last,

Thank you all for honoring the memory of those who served in the conflict that we all built our aircraft from. May their exploits, their legends, and their memories live on.


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Yes, many thanks to Paul for doing such a great job hosting this one. Sadly, however, it is officially over. If you'd like to continue your unfinished build in the WiP forum (and we strongly encourage you to do so!), please let one of the mods know (with a link, please!), and we'll get it done.


Thanks Paul, thanks participants, and thanks to our generous donors too.



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Thanks Paul for all your work and setting a great spirit of fun and friendship in this GB.

Well done to all those who managed to complete their entry and also to the others as we have had awsome pièces of work here me think.

It's been a great journey and I am only sad that it is over now ... and that I was not able to complete my entry  :(

I'd be happy if mods could move my build into WIP forum ;)

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Want to thank all friends that contributed to the GB and motivated me to move ahead. Also had tons of joy watching the other GB projects growing. Paul, Theresa, and all the others - you were great support and inspiration :speak_cool: Sometimes it felt like Angels pushing me :wub: Thank you all :punk:



Mods, would you be so kind to move my Indochina Hellcat build into the WIP threat too?



- dutik

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It was a great GB Paul - thank you for hosting it. Sorry that my entry never got completed, however, please be assured that the 0-1 (and 0-2) will eventually surface at some point in time.


Congratulations are also in order to everyone who did participate and especially those who managed to conplete their projects in time - well done.





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Thanks Paul for uniting such a great bunch of people, it was fun, lot of great models and I learned a few tricks that will be used in my next builds. :clap2:


So keep on modeling! :thumbsup:

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I echo the sentiments of everyone else!  It was a great GB.  I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's builds, and I learned a few things from them.  Plus, I evolved into a LSPer along the way! 


So Mr Moderator, what's the next GB you're going to host?



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Thanks Paul,


     When I saw this GB posted I was overcome with excitement as I had several models to choose from and SEA Camo to boot.


     This was my excuse to build my EF-105F and add to my Wild Weasel builds in 32nd scale. Then the model GODS moved in and after


      Damn near loosing my mind, I ended up with 3 builds,  No 2 seater and no SEA CAMO.   The model GODS put me on a new path


      and I came across  a way to get in touch with Col. Vic Vizcarra, the artist and pilot of an F-105D named Pussy Galore. Had to examine


     the name and artwork for the GB, and after a confer with our Fearless Leader, he said as long as it was "Historically Accurate" helped alleviate


    any reservations I may have had.


      I have had the pleasure to correspond with a lot of GREAT PEOPLE and tried to help with some extra parts or reference material someone needed.


     Paul and Teresa are Really GREAT PEOPLE and have become friends.  We moved quite a bit of plastic between La. and Or. and has been fun.


     This was a GB that Paul started talking about  more than a month before it kicked off and past a lot of information back and forth. I made some resin


     parts for the first time and had a great surprise from Harold with his beautiful Standard ARM missiles, and all I had to do was send him a puny Trumpeter


     missile.   The GREAT SUPPORT from everyone in this GB was tremendous, and sure helped me over a few humps as time went on.


     To all who participated, finished or not  Thank You for the RIDE.  A special THANKS to Paul and Teresa for keeping the top on the glue.


       We'll have to do this again sometime.


       watch'in you B)


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