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  1. Hey there Maru- It's still sitting next to the work bench along with the Skyray. Have been quite busy with work and life in general, so haven't had much of a chance to build for quite awhile. One of the projects I've been picking at is a general re-organization of the man-cave, but once that is squared away, there should be plenty of motivation to get back to some bench time. Thanks for checking in on this Kai
  2. GLAAR! First- Awesome name! Second- Awesome post! I appreciate the input and it has given me a bit to consider in regards to the single piece windscreen. It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down at the bench much less get back to this one, so this is still sitting off to the side patiently waiting... Hope things slow down enough to get back to some modeling soon Thanks again and for looking in on my build! Kai
  3. A few others in 1/32: Doyusha K5Y2 Willow (Type 93 Akatombo) Revell PA-18-150 Piper Super Cub Floatplane HPH Supermarine Walrus Kai
  4. In the middle of a build of a Fisher kit myself (F4D) and have the other kits as well. The instructions do require extra attention, and there are some tricky spots. In regards to the instrument panel, I understand the skepticism, however they actually turn out pretty decent with the photocopied dials. Kai
  5. Thanks guys! Thanks for keeping me going. As usual, I've been plugging away at it a little at a time and have some updated pics. Have more to show actually, but I'll start with these for now. To backtrack just a bit, the intakes are tricky to mask along the interior edge, and are much easier if done BEFORE gluing them into place. Paul's instructions point this out and it is good advice. A pic before the forward fuselage is joined to give an idea of the join lines. A last look at the compressor face. Once the intakes are in place, only a small part of this will be visi
  6. Hi WROBO- I ended up mounting the coaming UNDER the kit dash area instead of even with (or on top). The instructions are confusing and at first I did it the same way you have it. After discovering it would be too tall, I had to fill in the areas I had cut with sheet plastic and then mounted the Verlinden piece as seen here in this pic. Note that my build (link to it is in my signature) is a 2 seat A-10B with the F-15 HUD. I would estimate the height of the HUD assemblies are the same either way though. Hope this helps! Kai
  7. Waroff- I just had a chance to catch up on this thread. You have done a beautiful job! If it is not too late, I would love to have the opportunity to have and build this kit- can you please add me to your list? Kai
  8. Hey WROBO- Following along with your build- looks great! Just a friendly heads up- You might want to check the fit of your dash though with the windscreen in place. When you do your check, be sure to accommodate for the HUD glass as it will stick up higher. I used the same dash on mine and found that it sits pretty high and can interfere with the windscreen, especially if you use the Squadron replacement. Looking forward to more! Kai
  9. Tough kit, but you've done a beautiful job! Lover the Flipper scheme Kai
  10. hmm. "Paleface"? Did find the following: 440621 SMITH, THOMAS O P-40N 43-22863 SHWANGLIU, CHINA http://www.accident-report.com/world/asia/china.html 440621 P-40N 43-22863 60FS 33FG 14 LAC 3 Smith, Thomas O CHI Shwangliu landing accident 3 http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/src/AARmonthly/Jun1944O.htm 21 Jun 44 43-22863 Curtiss P-40N-20-CU Warhawk Smith, Thomas O 60FS 33FG 14AF Damaged landing, Shwangliu, China http://raf-112-squadron.org/33rdfghonor_roll.html Also found this while searching- in regards to "Lulu Belle", thought it was interesting. Looks like a
  11. Outstanding guys- I didn't know about the asynchronous gun pack installation. And the added info regarding the 75mm gun makes sense. Perhaps the silver handle serves in part to satisfy demilitarization requirements? Regardless, it doesn't look like it originally belongs there. Kai
  12. Nice video Maru! Okay- here's a few stills from the crappy iPhone video. I think there's a couple of shots of the interior in here that might be useful. Sitting in the right jump seat and looking back, the spindle for the turret and the lower portion of the forward bomb bay bulkhead. Looking down, below the turret spindle, is the hatch. The gunner's feet rest on top the hatch, and the gunner's seat folds against the side. Looking up into the turret. The sight is in the middle. The turret position is best for smaller folk as the framing does not leave much room as it i
  13. Oh, I forgot to mention. Not sure if you noticed, but on the currently flying Barbie III, it has the gun packs on the right side only, but none on the left. I've never seen where it was flown in this arrangement during the war. Glad you like- this is one of my other hobbies- flying on restored aircraft. Kai
  14. I used a DSLR for photos, and my iPhone for video. I wasn't getting along with the camera equipment that day, and ultimately wanted to really soak in the experience, so unfortunately I didn't get much in the way of photos from the jump seat. From the gunner's seat, looking forward and above the cannon, the flight deck is eye level. Yes, that is someone's foot on the left. Standing up and looking up from the gunner's seat. The jump seats were added for rides, but makes for cramped quarters for everyone involved. If one were to turn to the left in this photo, the turret stem and
  15. Nothing but respect to DACO for considering a project like this- never been done before and sounds like it will be a pretty comprehensive kit as it is envisioned right now. But "This kit will contain more than 450 parts..." and "the tooling price is much, much higher than anticipated" go hand-in-hand. Complete engines and what looks like fairly extensive interior detailing drive the cost up, and unnecessarily so when many (probably most) builders won't use them. I agree with the points made already- $35 to $55 is probably the sweet spot for a kit of this aircraft. It might fetch mo
  16. From my last flight on Barbie III. For takeoff, I sat down the in the gunners seat. Dark, cramped and LOUD (there's loud, very loud and then R-2600 loud). Only thing between the gunner and those 2 radials is aluminum skin. I can only imagine what it must have been like with four 50 cal gun packs blasting away just on the exterior of that fuselage. I spent most of the flight up in the turret, and for landing, I was in the jump seat behind the pilot. I believe the breach block has been removed, so this is not a complete setup. Kai
  17. Thanks guys! I remember going through quite a bit of effort trying to figure out something for the wheels, and ultimately I just got lucky. Harold's hit a home run here- easy, reliable source for an excellent set. Kai
  18. Nice! I like the recipe for your wash too- Looks awesome Kai
  19. Beautiful job! I got a chuckle out of this- I have pretty much the same stuff ready to go for this project, except for the Ruporator conversion, which I didn't know about, but will save some time (nice tip- thanks!). I might also mention that Profimodeler also has wheels, rotor hub and other detail bits for the Mi-17/24. Well done Dukie! Kai
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