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    Mostly WWII aircrafts but mixed with some blow torchs from the '50s and a soft spot for the big Rhino! Long live the F-4!

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  1. dora9

    MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    Really nice work you did there! Quite impressive!
  2. One Ki-45 from Zukei Mura and the Lancaster from HK! And that will be all for the next three years!
  3. dora9

    HKM Lancaster 1st Edition (availabilty update)

    Got mine too from Free Time Hobbies and can't wait to get my hands on it!
  4. dora9

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Butch Baby"

    You're going for the puttied wings?
  5. dora9

    AMS Resin early F-5 seat

    Nice seat!
  6. dora9

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    Nice work on that one! Love the paint job and weathering!
  7. Nicely done ! Bravo! Cheers
  8. dora9

    SBD-3 done

    Nicely done! Great SBD!
  9. dora9

    Eagles Low level

    WOW! Nice Mud Hens!
  10. A Revell Hunter in Omani scheme?
  11. Nice pit you did there Peter! Cheers
  12. dora9

    Fisher Bugatti 100P 1/24

    Thanks Alain! I want to represent it as it would have been the day of the race, with big white numbers and the Bugatti symbol.
  13. Nice work! Love the paint job!
  14. dora9

    Fisher Bugatti 100P 1/24

    Peter If you are interested by the Tabu decals, you can go there: http://www.bestbalsakits.be PS. Just wanted to add this one to get to 600 posts!
  15. dora9

    PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

    Great work! I love that little vignette! Cheers