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  1. Nice! Think I'll get a couple of these!
  2. Did Bandai M-60 a loooong time ago and it did look like an M-60! To go side by side with Tamiya Centurion.
  3. Taken from the book of Waldemar Trojca on King Tiger. That's the one I want to do.
  4. I agree there was a lot of miss informations, but still a Tiger or Panther in good working order, wich was not so frequent, where impressive beasts! I won't go as far as Parker went, have his book and what he did is totaly mind blowing! The major modifications he did and the scratch build items are available on AFV site. He did resin version of the major things like the ammo racks for the hull, wich is a pain in the b.. to modify. So nice build, rework what is in open sight, add some details in the engine bay and the interior, a good paint job with weathering and some mud. Will have to learn how to do realistic mud! So got my build all planned up I guess.
  5. I know that you where surounded by a lot of steel, but would make me feel nervous. Give me a good pair of boots and a rifle any day and some MAW to keep those beast tamed! Cheers
  6. It will be tank 204 from the 501 tank battalion at the battle of the Bulge december 1944. It's a new machine so that's why I will keep it fairly clean, except for the mud and some scars. No heavy battle damages. Still, a long way to go 'till finish line!
  7. Know what you mean! Took me 5 attempt to get the checkered nose on that one! Yours is really way better with the yellow and black checker!
  8. Nice! Great paint job on that one.
  9. So after waiting for the AFV ammo racks, just received them and dry fit them to the hull. Man I would not feel too comfy with all that ammo at 6in of my shoulder! Still have to work on the middle racks, they are too long. The kit racks are too wide and they lack the outward angle, preventing the rotation of the turret. So this is where I am right now with the King Kitty! Cheers
  10. Nice work on that one specially the cammo on the trooper. Now get back to the big kitty!
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