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Total Scratch build of the front end of a B17G!

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Hello there

So here we have the very close to the finishing post ......post!! ;)

I have some photos of the nose glass in place....not an easy task but managed to get it in position using a dab of super glue and filling the join with wood glue!

For those of you that didn't see the post I did on forming the nose glass...suffice to say that I made a plug of the shape of the nose glass out of Balsa wood and then vac formed it using an old piece of packaging for a computer mouse I had lying about...and added detail with strips of clear plastic....

So here are some photos of the glass in place..............






















Yes I know its photo heavy!!....but you should know me by now!! wink.png


I have a few photos of the upper turret gun barrels I made coming up ...see below!

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I made 6 gun barrels....I used sprue from old kits and drilled the cooling jackets with a micro drill....I'm quite happy how they have turned out.............










Okay chaps....All that's left to do on this project now is to paint...or cover with tin foil (if the wife has got any in the kitchen smile.png )....depending on what looks the best....I'll start to foil it from the top and see......and then all the remaining gun barrels will have to be attached and painted ............now what else is there......oh yes make a crew hatch door for the Navigator and Bombardier...and then finally choose the nose art ....preferably one that I can hand paint!! unsure.png


I will probably post again when the foil or paint has been applied.......until then ...thanks for looking in smile.png



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Hi chaps

I have been entertaining family and guests for the last 3 odd weeks so haven't been at my bench!

.......but now I am back and the question is......

Am I wasting my time?

I started foiling the B17 with foil...not an easy task ...I have nearly completed one side but stopped as I'm not sure weather it looks good or not!

Looking at photos of the real B17 the fuselage skin shows that it is a bit lumpy and bumpy...and I know that photographing my model with shiny foil all over it doesn't help with the light and all that.

I value all your input you have given me over the last 2 years and so I am asking again.....Should I continue with the foiling?

Here are a few photos.......

















Maybe I should put another layer on?....or maybe a thicker foil??





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I'd say your kit looks a bit too bumpy IMHO, Martin ...


I'd go for thicker foil, but maybe I'm just alone ...




Yeah, I hate to say it, especially with how fantastic this build is, but I agree with Hubert here. Just a bit too uneven.



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