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Total Scratch build of the front end of a B17G!

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.and here is the turret in the dome......











Later on I am going to post again some pics of where I am at the moment and a BIG problem that I am hoping you may have some advice unsure.png


So until then.............





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My thanks to HL-10....Loic....Hubert and thanks to 322SQNL for the B17 link.....very useful! ;)


So what I would like to do is ask any of you who have been following this build for your input if I may. wink.png


This project is almost coming to the end now and I am having problems continuing as I have to make a decision before I can go any further!


I don't have any problems with scratch building the remainder of the B17G but what I do have a BIG PROBLEM with is trying to make a decision on how to display the model. hmmm.gif


The way I see it ...I have two choices...........


1. Put the 2 halves together and loose 50% of the detailed work I have put into it... (I always planned to do this but I am having second thoughts due to the hours of detailing I have stupidly put into this!!! )




2. Try to display the model in a kind of tier .... (bottom half....middle section (cockpit floor)...and top half )...all this would have to be suspended one section on top of the other...if you understand what I am trying to say!! whistle.gif .....that way you would see ALL of the detail I have put into this B17......


I think I know which way I am leaning towards...but just to be sure.... I would really appreciate your thoughts on the display problem.


So to maybe help .....here is a recap  showing some of the detail I have done up to date.......................




















The next post will show the 2 halves together ( very roughly at this stage!! )

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........and here are the 2 halves together...........









So there you go.......what do you all think?...I have been trying to decide for months now but its time to make a decision as I can't progress with the model.! sad.png


Thanks for your time !





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I'd leave it like this so it can be opened to see all the fabulous details inside.

I would not build the rest of the AC either unless you want it but I'd build a stand/trolley to display it.

My 2 cents  ;)

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Hi to all


Thanks very much for your input lads and it seems that the way to go is to have opened to show the detail......I now fully agree with what you all are saying and you have helped me to cross a hurdle in this project....so thanks a lot :)




I would not build the rest of the AC either unless you want it but I'd build a stand/trolley to display it.

My 2 cents  ;)


Absolutely no way am I going to build the rest of the Aircraft Loic....this front end was enough for me!!! ;)


So I was thinking of displaying it with the 3 sections in a tier (one on top of the other ) suspended by fishing lines...of course I would have to build a tasteful frame for the lines but I think it might work!.......I did this a few years ago with a 1: 32 Corsair with a miniature electric motor turning the prop......see below.................






I think this method might work for the B17.


Lots to think about but thanks for helping me over this dilemma of how to display it.


...and now I will have to do some more work on the interior parts as now you will be able to see it all :rolleyes:....its going to take some time but I guess there is no rush!


I'll be back with an update as soon as I have one!!





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Absolutely Awesome!

I think doing the tier display is the best. After all the hard work would be a shame to cover it up!


Opened up leaves room for many interesting conversations!


Truly amazing work and labor of love for the aircraft!


My 1 cent input.


Teresa :-)

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Hi once again!! ;)


OK so spent most of the morning thinking about how to go forward with this project and I have made another decision!...decisions...decisions !! rolleyes.gif


This is what I am going to do............put the whole thing in the bin!..............I mean..........


Take a look at this photo...........




OK....so when the area has been cut off.... the lower section of the cut off will be attached to the lower half permanently....That way a lot more detail will be shown ..including both 50 Cals  in the cheek windows.This also saves viewers bending down and looking up at all the detail .....it will be a case of just looking down into both cockpit and front section....The top half will then be suspended as planned...like a lid!


Of course there is a down side to this!....there always is!! sad.png


.......and that is that a lot of the detail I have done so far will be destroyed when re vamping the fuselage and I will have to re do the detail again.....but even though I will probably set my self back a good few months I feel that it will be well worth it in the end....well it better had be angry.png


The other down side is that I will permanently fix the center section (cockpit floor ) onto the lower half making it only two sections total....of course the lower detail under the cockpit floor will be hidden but you will be able to see some of it through the tunnel access and via the rear....


So there you have it!


Tomorrow I will start the great destroying of all the detail I have done and getting the fuselage halves sorted! hmmm.gif


So when I have made some sort of progress out of all this I will return!!!


Cheers for looking in



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Afternoon there lads!


So I have some photos of the new look B17G! smile.png


I do hope you appreciate that this is just a rough example of what it might look like!.....


There will be lots more detail added later. wink.png


Lets show you the photos..................




So first of all here is some of the detail that I had to take apart!....Some of this I can re use when re placing it in the model.....




You can obviously see where I made the cut....ok well its the top line!! rolleyes.gif ....as stated in the photo hopefully you won't see the lower joint! unsure.png




So off comes the top.........




You can see straight away that more detail will be able to be seen!




again as stated in the pic ...I will have to redo the rear of the IP using some of the original parts (you wouldn't of seen this before this change )










Now this will be the tricky part....I am going to have the whole of the upper turret on display fixed to the rear floor as it is in the real B17....without it being in the glass dome!...not going to be easy that one!! ohmy.png

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