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Total Scratch build of the front end of a B17G!

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Hi again

Here we go again then..........the other 50 cal!

Have to say that it was much easier this time round because of course ....I have done the other one ;)

At the same time I added the defroster hose and you can see in some of the shots that the Norden Bomb Sight and the chin turret gun sight has been put back into position.............................
















You will also notice that I have added a rib onto the top of the fuselage...this holds the pulley system for the front port MG.............


...............and I got to thinking hmmm.gif


The more I think of it ...the more I don't like the idea of having the top halve hinged on the side of the lower Fuselage!....I just think that it will look......well ...untidy!!....there must be another way!


......and so what I am going to do now is put a few more ribs on top of the Bombardier/Navigators station so as to house the front top plexi glass and the Nav dome....then I'll see what it looks like ...if it doesn't look right then I can always take it off....but if it looks good then I can do something similar above the cockpit .


The model seems to be evolving to something different each time I touch it!! ohmy.png .....with all the detail and time I have put into this...I think I have come too far now to go half measures.......God knows what the final display will look like!! huh.png


I will crack on with the plexi glass and dome now and will post again when that's done.


Thanks for looking in



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Hi Gentlemen

So the last time I posted I was talking about completely trashing the idea of the hinged top and going for a major re hash on all the top section! :o

I had to re scratch the Navigator dome and place a few more formers and stringers...but didn't have any problems and so far I am half way through and have completed the front section above the Navigator and Bombardier station.

Once I had started I felt that this was definitely the way to go! :) ...its going to look heaps better displayed this way...well that's my opinion and hopefully everyone else will think so too. :unsure:

So as usual there are quite a few photos to show you all the angles!! ;) .....................











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Here are a few more................










Well I hope you like the new look!!


I am about to start on the area above the cockpit now ....I have a few ideas but it wont be as easy as what I have just done...we shall see!!


I also decided to vac form another top turret bubble canopy in preparation for the re construction that will have to be done in that area................photos to follow





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So here are the photos of the new turret canopy I vac formed ready for attaching the the new construction I will be making smile.png














...well on with constructing the cockpit roof.....Let battle commence!! wink.png


cheers for looking in chaps!



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