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  1. Thanks guys!...catch you in September! Fozzy
  2. Hi guys Well this will definitely be the last post before I return to the UK for a month or so....I will be returning back in September to continue with this project! What I wanted to do was get as much done as possible with the tail /rudder and dorsal fin before my break and so first off I sprayed the tail unit yellow. This was more difficult than I thought as my airbrush decided to give up the ghost!...when I turned the outlet valve on the compressor to send the air flow to the brush the blasted thing kept spraying and I couldn't stop it! the only way was to turn the
  3. Morning fellow modelers! I have been doing the laborious task of making up the entire interior with all the ribs etc!....this was only achievable by listening to all my favorite bands on my player ...taking the occasional paracetamol when my head started to ache from staring at hundreds of little pieces of plastic!!....and having the time on my hands to get through it!!..........still needs must and all that! I'm so pleased that this phase is over because from now on the build becomes more interesting ....and hopefully for you guys as well!.......so here are the photos
  4. Hi Brian.....I don't think I will need to do any vac forming .....looking at the frame I have made I think a clear piece of plastic will wrap around the frame....how ever if that doesn't work then yes I might have to vac form!
  5. Hi Mark.....no worries mate as the tail unit will also be glued in 2 other places....on the join and on top of the turret housing.....it won't be going anywhere! Hi guys I have just about managed to finish the basic construction of the rear fuselage and tail section with just a few details to add at a later stage. So after this post I can get on with working on all the internal detail! So first up I had to think about how I was going to go about making the structure of the Cheyenne rear turret. After measuring up for scale from photos I got a sheet of plasti
  6. .....already on my to do list !......at the moment I'm just concentrating on the basic fuselage construction (the hardest part for me!)... before I get down to getting all the details sorted!...Cheers Shawn!
  7. Hi everyone I'm still battling away with the construction of the tail section of this B17G..... long old slow process but I have made some good progress! I was about half way through constructing the tail out of balsa wood in my last post ....so here are some photos of where I am at the moment. Here you can see that I have filled with scrap balsa in between the longerons on the section I built in the last post... The next 3 photos show that I have built the rudder and temporarily attached it the the tail ass
  8. Hi there everyone I hope everyone is safe and healthy and coping with this lock down business! Time for an update! So I have made some progress on the tail unit but before showing you the photos I thought I would share the other problem that I have with this project!....always problems! ....serves me right for starting this journey! If you didn't know ...I live in S.E Bulgaria and I will eventually need to transport this finished B17 across to UK first and then eventually ship it across to California in the States where I am pleased to say that I have h
  9. I seem to have more time on my hands due to this lock down!...the only good thing about it!
  10. Thanks again guys!...I'll be back soon for another installment!
  11. Hi guys Firstly I want to say that I hope everyone is staying safe out there whilst living in these difficult times. I have been away for a while as I have been building the smaller stuff!....but I'm back with the big boys now!! Well it is time to get down and finally attempt to finish this Mammoth B17G project. Some of you may know that I started this 7 years ago with a few breaks in between sections to build other stuff. As a recap : I was originally going to just scratch build the nose section but kind of got hood winked in carrying on down the length of t
  12. A BIG THANKS for all of your comments guys....I will be back soon to get this project done and dusted for good!
  13. Hi Pete "The beast".... will approximately have a wing span of 155 cm and a length of 110 cm ...although I have no plans to build the wings!....just don't have the room for it!! ha ha
  14. Hi there guys! All done!........well not actually the whole B17 but I have finished the Radio room section and all 3 sections have now been attached. Getting the nose/cockpit section to line up with the bomb bay was a real nightmare but managed it in the end! ....and it's BIG!!......well it would be at 1:20 scale!.....in fact so far it is just over 2 feet and 2 inches long (66cm).....and of course I haven't started on the rear section yet! When all 3 sections were secured together I had to touch up the joints the best I could because originally this project
  15. Hello there guys! I have managed to move on from the shock of re adjusting the sections to fit one and other and onto the wing fillets!....a bit fiddly but got there in the end! This is how I achieved it.................. The first job was to cut to shape a piece of yogurt pot plastic (to save using expensive plastic card)....and glue it on the bottom of the fuselage to make up the bottom section of the fillet and then to place a few ribs on the plate to secure it.... All the wiring and pipes etc were then placed in position.......the cover
  16. Hi there A few weeks have passed and I am a tiny bit forward with this build than I was in the last post!...and I want to tell you where I am at with this! For a long long time now I have been fretting over how I will display this B17G when it is all done!....I felt I just had to make a decision before I continued on what was to be done. Originally it was going to be so simple as I was only planning to build the nose section and just put it on some sort of stand!....but of course with a little encouragement from some of my fellow modellers on this forum!!... I decided to
  17. Hey Chris...I certainly will let you know if I need any information etc.....thank you very much! Just to let you know that my B17G was featured as a small back page article in the 447th BG Newsletter by Steve Heeb (Ol'scrapiron) Fozzy
  18. I would if I could CANicoll ....but the logistics of getting her to UK from Bulgaria for the show and then back again to finish it would be a nightmare!.....but rest assured when she's done I will attempt to get her across to Telford! Yes Rigor....so far I have done the nose section ...the bomb bay and now finishing off the radio room which just leaves the tail section to go !....then of course I have to join it all together! Well Ol' Scrapiron....why the hell didn't I think of that obvious solution to rounds!....how simple and how stupid I am to no
  19. Thanks guys!................ Eventually I will try and get to Telford to show this but I really want to finish it first!.....I have one more section to go ....so it won't be this year Chris!
  20. Afternoon guys! This post will finish up all the interior detail I needed to do before closing both top and bottom halves of the fuselage and then I can proceed to finish off the detail on the exterior of the fuselage. So what needed to be done was the ammunition belts from the emergency ammunition cans and the oxygen bottle for the gunner. I'll start with the ammunition belts.....By using just paper and wire I'd thought I would show you how I went about this task ..photo by photo... 1. The first task was to cut 4 pieces of paper to the length/width of
  21. Hi Juggernut Thanks for your input on my build and I understand everything you have pointed out. I have been building this model now for at least 6 years and have studied reams of information and seen thousands of photos of the B17 so I know exactly what your saying and where you're coming from. With the variants of the B17 and the different manufacturers one could quite easily get wrapped up in "what is right and what is wrong"....yes "some" of the interiors were not painted interior green....some were ...for me it was always going to be a nightmare to get it all right from t
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