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  1. Good afternoon guys! I do hope that you are all keeping well and safe since the last time I posted. I just can't believe its been 5 months since I last posted on here!......and 5 months away from my B17G! I went to UK at the beginning of last December for Xmas and was due to return to Bulgaria mid February but of course Covid put an end to that plan! So as we were all in lock down I decided to wait in UK to have both my vaccinations and I am pleased to say that I have now had both! Whilst I was there I decided to get a few modelling supplies to tie me over a
  2. Hi every one Well first and foremost I want to wish everyone a Happy belated New Year!.......although it is difficult in these times! Due to this blasted Covid-19 I am in lock down in UK and won't be returning to Bulgaria and my workshop for ....who knows how long!.....at least I am with my family but miss battling on with my B17G! I haven't any modelling equipment here......nothing at all... but am thinking that Amazon might help with that situation!......I'll spend a few quid,... get some sort of starter pack tools and get myself a little 1:72 kit to tie m
  3. Thanks every one....and a Merry Xmas to you all!
  4. Hi guys This will be my last post for this year as I am off to the UK in a couple of days time to see family and friends. So another year is coming to an end (glad this one is nearly over!)...and this project still hasn't come to the end! I can't believe that I started this in 2011 with the nose section!....9 years later and I am still working on the tail end!......but realistically I think that I can get it all done next year!.....I do hope so as I really want to move on and build something else for a change! Here is a photo of the all of the fuselage to da
  5. Thank you!......yes I have been lucky enough to be able to donate it to The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum in California USA.......that's when I finish it!
  6. Good afternoon everyone Time for an update! In the last post I mentioned that I was having a problem with finding information and photographs of the area immediately to the rear of the tail wheel tub........Well since then I have had great help with photos and info from some fellow modelers ....so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ol'Scrapiron ,vvwse4 and dodgem37 (Steve,Rick and Mark) for their help in sending me the photos that I desperately needed to continue with this part of the build. I also reached out to the museum that looks after B17G "Fuddy Duddy" to see if they co
  7. Mark!....thank you so much!....these diagrams once I have sorted them out in my head will be of great use!....I have had so much help from fellow modelers...absolutely amazing! Thanks again Mark!..............Fozzy
  8. Once again Steve.....a huge thanks to you for coming up with these photos and also to Rick aka vvwse4...for his photos and info! I feel a lot happier now that I have something to work with!
  9. Thanks Craig......the strings are Bass guitar strings and I didn't have to do anything with them other than paint them!.....as for the speed of completion?....I have been at this build for years.....starting the front section 9 years ago!
  10. I could have Mark if my band hadn't split up!! Cheers bud! Thanks a lot Kev! Thank you so much Rick!.....really appreciate you sending me these photos......a couple of them are just what I'm looking for..........I have sent you a PM Cheers...Fozzy
  11. Hi there guys Time for another update My last post was the building of the bottom half of the tail wheel section and this time its the detail above the tail wheel!....I have had a lot of trouble finding information and photos of this area as I mentioned in the last post which forced me to kind of use my imagination a bit!....Well I was photographing what I had done and decided to take it all apart because I came across a photo of a C-1 auto pilot unit that sits on a tray just above the tail wheel!(2 days of work down the drain!) .....I have found that there seems to have been
  12. Good day all! Hope all is good where you all are and that everyone is staying safe from this virus!...2020 has been a terrible year for us all and the sooner it's all over with... the better! Lets hope and pray for a better 2021! So on with the next part of this project!.....the tail wheel section!.....I have been kind of dreading this next part as there is lack of information and photos of this area of the B17. If you look for photos in books or the internet it's always the same.The whole area is covered with tarpaulin blocking out all the parts you want to see! Enthusiasts g
  13. So here it is all finished........ ...and up on it's frame...... As I said ....really had a lot of fun with this generator build!....excuse the amount of photos! Onwards ever onwards!....to getting the tail wheel assembly built......till then Cheers once again for looking in! Fozzy
  14. So I built it by stages and hope the photos explains how I got it together.....here goes...... OK....so now it's time to paint it ...the best part!.....but not before building the frame that it will sit on in the rear of the fuselage..
  15. Afternoon all! This post is likely to be a bit photo heavy of building the Auxiliary DC generator for my B17! The generator was built by looking at just a few photos I found and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed making it!....I used scrap plastic and wire as materials and I have taken a photo of each stage of the build. First off....this is a photo of a real generator that I am trying to replicate......
  16. Hi there guys My mojo has returned! I'm in the middle of scratch building a auxiliary DC generator for the rear section. I have seen photos with the generator in the rear and I'm defo going to put it in mine as it looks fun to build and will make the rear section look more busy! This afternoon I sprayed it with my new airbrush (Paasche H... as my old Badger gave up the ghost before my summer break)...and will post it on my next update! As for now I will give you a quick update on the trailing antenna mechanism that I have made for the rear section. It w
  17. Yep!....I don't know whether I'm coming or going!
  18. Thanks guys for your help with the posting of the photos!....I will look on this forum to see the instructions! I have now up loaded the photos on the post! Cheers Fozzy
  19. OK Brian....lets give it a test then.................
  20. [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/Dyw0V2v0/spray-and-markings-on-tail-unit-9.jpg[/img][/url] Hope....still not working!
  21. Hi Guys.....I have been away for a couple of months and I can't seem to up load any photos correctly from postimages.....any one know why?...has this site changed? Cheers Fozzy [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/fb42cd8m/WALKWAYS_(4)_a.jpg[/img][/url] see above!! [url=https://postimg.cc/k2mYcwHp][img]https://i.postimg.cc/k2mYcwHp/mhe-002-zpse812vddx.jpg[/img][/url]
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