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Trumpeter A-6A Intruder


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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the 'pit! I am sure now that I am pretty much done with it Eduard will release color photoetch that will make my attempt at the instrument panels look like crud but ah well!

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Wow! Excellent job!


But I know how you feel--Eduard came out with excellent instrumentation for the P-61 after I completed the instrumentation...I was still able to replace it.


I don't think you need to do that with yours at all.


Which markings are you going with?


Tim W.

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Concerning the seats in my pics just FYI these are Quickboost GRU7s (not what came in the kit)


I think they look pretty good painted up and I will just swap them to an A-6E build down the road (assuming we see the early seats in resin)

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Im not a kind of "jet modeller" but this kit is very atractive... and your work is inspiring so far....


how did you manage the office IP? is just the kit one?




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Hiya - again thank you all for the praise! Yes I used the kit panel:


It is a "sandwhich" two piece affair with a very thick clear piece that sticks through the holes for the instruments in the main panel piece then it looks like they expect you to stick the gauge decals to the back of that clear piece - seemed like it would make the gauges look like they have about 12" of glass on them.


Given that, I did not use the clear piece except for the pilot CRT and radar screens. I thinned the back of the instrument panel some then just glued the kit decals to the back of it so the instrument faces showed through the holes - the decal paper is shiny so it looked close enough to "glass" as is. I did use the decals for the pilot CRT and radar even though I don't think they are very accurate, nor would they likely be "on" when the a/c is parked on the ground but what the heck - they add some color there.


Otherwise I painted the panel with dark gull grey then filled in the black with "scale black." Drybrushed the whole thing and picked out some buttons with a lighter grey to give some variety.

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OK - panel line corrections.


from pics below:

1. This sunken detail should only be on the port side of the a/c. It actually should be a raised disk with a hole in the middle not a deeply sunken hole in the side from what I can see in pics. I believe this is a inspection port to view the reservoir for the tail hook hydraulics. I filled both port and starboard and will replace the port with a disk of plastic.

2. For A-6A fill the white indicated panel lines and the exhaust hole on both port and starboard fuselage halves. For A-6E you would just fill the starboard.

3. On the port half there is a elliptical scribed line on the top of the fuse that needs to be filled in - I believe this marking is to help locate the large airscoop on the A-6E

4. Remove the raised formation lights - they were not present till some point in the A-6E service life. There should be a smaller rectangular light on each side - I will probably use a decal to represent or maybe scribe a rectangle into the plastic





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The fuselage construction continues. There is a vertical spine that runs down the middle and is sandwiched between bulkheads attached to each fuse half - looks like it will add a fair amount of strength to the assembly.


I am about to commit glue - a lot of it lol - to the whole thing and seal it up:



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