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Trumpeter A-6A Intruder


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Just found this thread.



Awesome build! One of my favorite a/c both as a plane and as childhood memories of seeing them at Norfolk NAS on a daily/weekly basis back in the late '60's/early'70's.


I'll definitely be following the rest of the build!

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Thank you so much for having the initiative and dedication for putting those decals together. The tips and clear photos you and P Stoner have been sharing in your respective builds have also certainly inspired me! If you and other Intruder fans out there like "Flight of the Intruder" check out the works of B.K. Bryans on Amazon or http://www.brianbryans.com/. He was a fellow Intruder pilot in Vietnam and is an excellent writer.


Cheers, Tom

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No progress I am afraid :(


My modeling time lately has been diverted to creating custom decals for folks...


I hope to get back on this though soon though....


And doing an amazing job on the decals as well!  Can't stop looking at the ones you did for me in amazement!

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I just found this thread as I start planning my Intruder build. It looks like your build and a couple others will be part of my extended instructions on this one. 

I'm glad to see that you are still offering these decals; I've pm'ed you for details on getting some.

Great work! I'm glad I waited to get started until now. 

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