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  1. sorry mates... still cleaning and working on my new work bench here.. so stay tunned cheers shep
  2. wow.. fantastic results so far cheers shep
  3. Greetings from Brazil !! After a long long winter, some 1/72 projects finished, and watching my daughter growing up....here we go again mates! hope you all enjoy this new ride... will take time for sure, but no pain no gain right? just about to clean the bench and begin this stay tuned cheers shep
  4. smooth indeed! sharp results for sure mate!
  5. insane! fantastic job so far inspiring one for sure shep
  6. well... as a friend of mine always says: lets go back to collecting stamps! Magic! awesome and inspiring work indeed cheers shep
  7. good to know.. good fit is always welcome! Sharp and clean job Pete! all good cheers
  8. Hey AJ! Terrif job as always! top notch weathering so far.... awesome spinner and blades for sure! cheers shep
  9. Hi Oliver... greetings from Brazil mate! Terrific work so far as always... This resin figures came from Norbert? or did i miss something? fantastic! BTW. im really thinking to go back and collect stamps..... thats for sure! all good shep
  10. im happy that you found ok belly fit with no issues! good luck mate shep
  11. Angelo, greetings from Brazil mate! I started mine but didnt finish.... a tip to you... the belly and floor, doesnt fit well... the plastic is to thick and there is no gluing point, as a short run, i think is ok, but you have to wrestle a bit to have a satisfactory result cheers shep
  12. Thanks guys, and yes im thinking about the il-2 engine... there is hobbyboss sturmo out there too... $$ but it is correct. Maybe i find one to replicate. a resin copy will do
  13. Hi there folks! Greetings from Brazil! Its been a long time since my last LSP WIP here, just dealing with dipers...or learning to...my daughter,now with 2 years old! im trying to replicate an mikulin engine ( mig 3) and want some tip about wich one should i start with. I think its not out there, so maybe a packard or rolls can be used as a good start? can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance cheers shep
  14. very interested on this build... what do you say about the kit?
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