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  1. So, this weekend i use to study some more about how i will display the hind, and i cant lie....i will cut it a lot so, i had to mesure more than twice....hope you guys understand....its a fantastic kit that will suffer... will be chopped....oh boy....will see... stay tuned mates... update soon cheers shep
  2. hi mates!.. it will be the trumpeter hind kit with some goodies, and the trumpeter maz 537 with semitrailer... this weekend i will update things here... just studying the options for now...plenty of them for sure so...
  3. thanks much apreciated shep
  4. thank you mate! glad that u liked it.... 3 years of work on this... cheers shep
  5. Good to know mate! glad that you liked it... im not going for another one.... it was 3 years work on this.. called it done so, of course ICM kit will be awesome... but not for me i guess.. cheers shep
  6. May i say WOW! keep up the great work so far! cheers shep
  7. terrific work for sure! cheers shep
  8. Hi Brian! How are you mate? it has been a long time i didnt show up... but i think things started to go back on track....i hope.. its a trumpeter maz 537 semitrailer..... thats why "mazzed" on the topic title...a little joke.... Its a long project, and i want to do it for a long time... but still some doubt on the hind.... wrecked? new or recovered? Have plenty of references of all of them... what dou you think? shep
  9. Pictures taken by a friend of mine at IPMS São Paulo Brazil - Last Dezember... Almost 3 years to finish it... a lot of scratch , resin and pes... hope you guys like shep
  10. Lets go mates.... a long project for sure....enjoy... cheers shep
  11. Hi guys! Im a LSP modeller, but sometimes i try some different scale.. hope you enjoy.. cheers Shep
  12. same question as matt did.... superb primer aplication results cheers shep
  13. solving things up mates!.... its not a BUMP... but will start soon...i promise... cheers shep
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