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  1. A long time..... bump.... what a year hum?
  2. hi mate.... after a long time bump! thank you sir for your support... always apreciated... cheers shep
  3. hi there mate, glad that you liked it. sorry for the huge delay, but you know... dificult times indeed.... i used master x resin, but a lot of scratchbuild and used 3 kits to do this one.. cheers shep
  4. im not about to get back to the bench soon... i guess... still playing some videogame with my daughter on my free time... but still watching your amazing work mates, and trying to learn something... cheers shep
  5. Mate... you are definitely not from this world... Im so sure about this.... cheers shep
  6. hi my friend! hope you are ok... just passing by to say WOW....one more time.... cheers shep
  7. hi tom. terrifc work so far. i know i missed, but can you say whats the wingspan of this model when finished? cheers shep
  8. hi mate... always a pleasure to see your inspiring work... thanks for sharing it. cheers shep
  9. So mates, here am i... im wondering this days how are things with you all, since this coronavirus cames by... Im ok, but zero bench.... i dont know how, but work here doesnt let me to do what i really like... My daughter is 5 years old now ( can you guys believe that?) and takes me a lot of ( good) time indeed.... Im stuck here, with some modeling projects posponed, but im trying to be back soon. Im really sorry but until now, had no time and spirit to go back and open a tread that i will finish as you all deserv. So thank you all and wishing all good to you , merry xmas and a h
  10. So, this weekend i use to study some more about how i will display the hind, and i cant lie....i will cut it a lot so, i had to mesure more than twice....hope you guys understand....its a fantastic kit that will suffer... will be chopped....oh boy....will see... stay tuned mates... update soon cheers shep
  11. hi mates!.. it will be the trumpeter hind kit with some goodies, and the trumpeter maz 537 with semitrailer... this weekend i will update things here... just studying the options for now...plenty of them for sure so...
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