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  1. Would you place empty outer pylons or leave that wing portion blank
  2. Hi Gents, After a long and arduous life issues I have returned to my nest. Sorry for the lack of communication from my side. Anyway, a short story up 'till now. Zotz decals has ceased to exist. Death of my printer, moved residence of my drawing artist and my health issues has deemed necessary to do it. I'm, thank God, still modeling. Not as often as before, but still. Need help from you, Vietnam era Phantom fans (Thierry & Ben come to mind). Starting another F-4J and want advise on the ordenance that I want to install on her. My choice would be: Center line tank Sparrows (how many and position on lower fus.) Sidewinders? If so, how many and type used 67-73 era TERs on inner and outer wing positions. Weapons desired Mk.20s on inner pylons. Shoulder positions Snake eyes on outer pylons? Feasable? If so, how many? Thanks for the help, I'll keep in touch, promise.
  3. Thanks guys. As I already have the Tamiya kit, I will use one of my decal set to keep her as an A.
  4. Hi guys, Would it be easier to build one with the Aires conversions or stick with the Trump example? Thanks, Eli
  5. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/edu632102.htm
  6. Imagine a F.1 next? I can dream, can't I?
  7. Since I sold my G, a bunch of resin was left. I plan to used them on the F, like the engines and wheels.
  8. Hi guys, After my ill attempt with the F-14D, I decided to start the 23. I have all the colors used EXCEPT for the landing gear and wheel wells. Can anybody help here? Thanks
  9. Well......................... Don't know where I made a mistake. Finally after a lot of sanding the fwd fuselage was coupled with the rear one. I really don't know what happened but the front doesn't match the rear part! Maybe the resin intakes had something to do with it, even though I followed the Zacto instructions to the letter. It seams that the front fuselage was "squeezed" and a big step was created on the lower and upper fwd fuselage matching surfaces making the construction a big headache that I won't be willing to tackle. Big gaps were developed where the intakes go into the fwd fuselage. I plan to do another one WITHOUT using the resin intakes and wont be using the Aires resin wells. Don't care if doesn't have the correct intake angle, it's just too much hassle! At this age I'm willing to build something that goes smoothly now that I know where the pitfalls are with this model. Rest assured that I won't give up. Thanks for following my deceased buidl!
  10. Here's where I am at. Need to sand joins so that I can later mate the front fuselage to the rear one.
  11. After taking care of the massive glueing on several parts and then sandin them, the time comes to start getting into the Aires cockpit. Decided to paint the floors and consoles and pic up the dials. IP will be dealt with as so are the seats at the end of the kit's construction. After glueing the pit to the fuselage left side I found that the kit's refueling probe well was in the way to achieve complete fuselage closure. Out comes my dental handpiece and a trench was made on the resin cockpit side. Fortunatelly is thick enough!
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