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Trumpeter A-6A Intruder


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i almost when for the 1/48 kinetic kit but seing this one being built... WOW. and man that canopy is crystal clear !! OOB of you have a magic trick your willing to share ??

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Wow that looks superb , its going to be a long 5 months until Xmas, it looks as tho' the A-6 is this years main present, by that time of course , lots of after market, and the choice of A vs. E


I just hope my one comes out as good this this one!

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More thanks for all the positive feedback!!!


Seeing that you have closed up the fuselage, will she be a tail sitter?


Well, the nose radome is not glued yet nor are the engine panel covers on the bottom of the fuse, so I have opportunity to get weight in there. Though the instructions mention nothing about adding weight to the nose I am about certain that it is going to need some (maybe a lot)....

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OK - Intakes.


First somewhat trouble spot I have run into. The main portion of the intakes are straightforward with no real surprises, needed a little putty to smooth things out and may need some more.


The issue is with the back portion of the intake trunk - this part is the very forward portion of the engine - like most Trumpeter kits the A-6 comes with complete engine and trunking. This forward portion of the engine has the fan blade assembly at its rear, the section slides into the back of the intake assembly. This is where the trouble is - this section leaves a sizable gap in the intake - not a smooth transition (tried to get pics to show it below:



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What I am trying to do is make a new section that fits better to the back of the intake mouth assembly. I took a section of the engine that was a little larger in diameter and cut it to length (I do not plan to put the entire engine assemblies into the kit) this part butts up to the back of the intake mouth - hard to tell in the pic below but it already seems to fit better than the original section.





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