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  1. I hope 1/32 will be the new trend for helos, so maybe one day we'll have a Hind in our favorite scale
  2. Just found out about this release, really great news! I would be tempted to buy every variant they come up with I think
  3. Amazing stuff, I wish I could do things like this
  4. Looking great and very realistic I didn't know about the wheel speed sensor in the nose gear, the planes I know only have sensors that measure the speed of the main wheels, interesting to know, thanks!
  5. What you see here is not the actual cable, but protective flexible tubing. The real wires run through this and in this case go to landing gear position switches like the weight on wheel switch, and also the landing/taxi lights and the nose wheel steering motor. Doesn't really matter for your result, just wanted to give some extra information as an aircraft technician.
  6. Interesting subject, the plane looks really good in these colors. And your paint job is amazing!
  7. Really nice, one of my favorite planes, and this one looks very good
  8. Wow, so much detail and it looks so realistic. Great skills! Where do you find the patience?
  9. They already did the P-61B before that has the R-2800 engine, and in this kit they have 18 cilinders, so way did they do it wrong now?
  10. Great work so far, that will look spectacular when finished!
  11. Incredible, what a great result! Wish I had the skills and patients for that
  12. Ok, just realized you have to paint them one by one of course. Now I see what you mean with keeping them clean, a lot of paint will build up on each plate. Good luck with that!
  13. Looking great! Can't you glue the lower ones together and leave only the text plate loose? Might save time and there's less change of misalignment.
  14. Looking great, metal of the aft fuselage looks really good too
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