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  1. Can't argue on the first bit I cut for clarity, but I have to disagree on the quote: There are depictions of Santa in red and white that are far older than the CC company, reaching at least back to the 19th century, so they sure didn't invent it. CC sure are guilty for the wide spread image of Santa in red, though
  2. And the old Air France dolphin livery gives every ugly bucket an idea of grace and beauty
  3. I know about the accusation of depiction of racism with the 'zwarte Piet' in the Benelux as well as with Knecht Ruprecht as we did. I'm sure noone who's going to put the discussion away as complete nonsense, but then, I don't have enough background knowledge to come to a final opinion. It sure shouldn't end up like last year or two ago somewhere in the Netherlands, where the arrival of the Sinterklaas ended in a brawl over the blackface depiction of zwarte Piet. Yeah, children anticipate the arrival of Sinterklaas in excitement, and then people go at each other. Awesome! How come I for one te
  4. Short C-Class/Empire Ain't gonna happen, but nonetheless
  5. A dark Lord of the Sith going after you with his wicker if you don't behave! Naw, actually one of our 'Bufdis', a guy serving a year of volunteer social service in our house after school in his disguise as Knecht Ruprecht . A ton of black theatre make up, I think he's still scrubbing his face
  6. I'm certain, when the job is done, he's happy to accept your Porsche... ...maybe you should consult him in time for equipment and finish details
  7. Wow! Haven't been here in a while and just read this one back. Very educational and inspiring. Makes me want to get back to two ideas I stored in the back of my head on a similar scenes, though they might be a bit to ambitious for the beginning. Now I'd like to see how that continues
  8. Never ever return thinned paint into your jar/pot/container/... It might start to gel up and render your paint useless in the end. Made that experience with Mr Hobby, Revell acrylics, Extracolor. Not sure with MM, the reason there could be their crappy lids. For transfering, I usually use an old, bent airbrush needle. I run through quite some of them...
  9. I like to pretend that as long as I turn my back at the shelf behind me, its not an issue... ...oh wait, there's a shelf in front of me, and one to the left, and another one to the right...
  10. While smaller airframes like the '109 come indeed in those pesky side opening boxes, Revell's big scale bombers and the larger jets come in a box with a lid. Not as sturdy as Trumpy's boxes, though.
  11. I have no doubt about that, having seen two M2 kits in person and having heard from the one or other guy who were lucky surviving building one...
  12. If it wasn't for the vortex generators, a 1/32 Javelin could also serve well as an ironing board or counter top...
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