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  1. Hello Jerry, 

    Please tell me you still have some 1/32 P-51B kits available??!!

    I am quite desperate for several.


    Bill P. (AresShrike)

  2. Here is a pic. Normal size platten with clamp is on the machine with the bigger one in front. Vacuum is on right wit the PVC coupling taped on top. The heating element is on top of the machine.
  3. No takers huh ? I guess it's headed to the dumpster like the rest of my life. J
  4. Sorry guys but it is pretty big,coupled with the shop vac,to ship. It would cost more than the machine would maybe. The good news is that you can vac about 18 inch subjects. I used it to make all my canopies. J
  5. I have my professional grade machine up for sale along with the large shop vac that it runs with. The issue is,it is too large to ship so it has to be picked up,or I can deliver it within a reasonable distance. It also has the ability to hook up a compressor to help with the "pull". It is a nice set up. J
  6. Nice progress. How much does a set of Friels go for these days ? I don't buid many tanks lately(or ever) J
  7. Joel,Shawn and Harv, Thanks all,for the very very generous comments ! J
  8. Oh believe me,the daily aches and pains remind me of my mortality all the time ! Thanks though buddy, J
  9. Tim and John, Thanks for the kind comments guys ! J
  10. Thanks Bill, I am using lead foil for the slings,as usual. I find the PE examples to be very hard to get into position. I did use a PE slide adjuster on the rifle sling though. J
  11. Thanks Gaz, I appreciate it buddy ! J
  12. Here is the squad leader finished tonight. Happy to answer any questions as usual, J
  13. Nice beginnings on the main workhorse of the Panzerkorp for the entire war.
  14. Thanks for the continued support Bill ! J
  15. Thank you Lothar,I am happy if you think I succeeded here as that is my favorite thing to try and get across. The emotion. Not easy with plastic,or oil paint,or sculpting. I have always been fascinated by the great artists like DaVinci,etc. J
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