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  1. Mal... Bravo! Just got back from an extended (for me) vacation. Sad to say, I realized my addiction to monitoring your progress was confirmed--I was backpacking and was literally out of touch (somewhat difficult to do these days--but, thankfully, not impossible)... Again, I just love how you put your creations together. As mentioned earlier in this thread, just photograph it with a suitable background and I guarantee the uninitiated will say, "Wow, what an interesting old photo..." As I said, bravo! I will post your package this weekend... Greg
  2. EVERYONE-- A while back in this thread I suggested to Mal that many modelers would find a book (or a blog) on his "way" engaging and informative...now that I see his first effort at figure painting I'm even more convinced. Why have some arbitrary need for a large portfolio of work before putting out something for modelers to learn from? Mal...as I've said many times, your work is artistry...and the "ease" (although I doubt it's easy) with which you maintain control in every facet of your builds is something we could all learn from! Keep going on your "alarm" vignette--it's spectacular! Greg
  3. Mal-- Striking! Your eye for detail is astonishing...this is your FIRST figure???
  4. Mal... I'm starting to think you've got the modeler's equivalent of the Midas Touch. MK2's head, cap and face look excellent...Getting more and more excited for this vignette to come together... Greg
  5. Mal... I'll have a little "extra" in that package to you to push you forward even more into the world of the 190!!! Greg
  6. Mal-- A couple of thoughts just struck me...First off, originally I was drawn to your work because of the subject matter--my favorite version of my favorite fighter (the FW 190A8/R2). Now it's really all about how you attack any subject, even figures which (up to this point) have never rally interested me. Watching your skills around taking Verlinden figures (and actually making them look real AND animated) has made this aspect of modeling interesting to me. Second...a quick thought: If you already have the other figure taking off in what looks like a very determined, full sprint, then maybe the mechanic kneeling by the tire should be craning his head around and up, looking for the oncoming threat--as if his concentration on examining/fixing the landing gear has finally been broken... Greg
  7. Mal-- I forgot to mention the mods you are making to that figure--such obvious improvements. You're really capturing that sense of urgency. Setting the components out next to your 190 lets us all see where this is all headed. Excellent!
  8. Mal... Hey! I've been on (a very short--too short!) vacation over the past few days. Great progress and (continued) great technique and style. That cart--as others have said--is a standout job. The table? It looks stellar...I wasn't kidding when I compared to Shep Paine... I haven't had a chance to post that package yet...but you can bet it's coming! Keep up the superb work! Greg
  9. Mal-- I believe, especially near the war's end, horses were often used to pull sleds, carts...whatever...this could be suggested/hinted at somewhere in your scene (hoof marks?)... I agree with Sparzanza...with the right backdrop, it would be pretty damn convincing... Greg
  10. Mal... Seeing that car with the 190 in the background--well, it all looks great. Dynamically speaking, I like them facing in different directions, but it doesn't make much sense that anyone would back a car in to park it that way...Your weathering is so well done--and the ground work ties it all together. Once you get everything in place it's going to be a really great vignette... I'm still addicted--keep it all coming! Greg
  11. Mal... Great! Email your shipping address to me and I will post it to you... ultmo@yahoo.com. I'm excited... Greg
  12. Mal... A couple of things-- First of all, I'd love to hear what you (and others on this forum) think about (someday) putting together either a blog or a book on modeling...of course it could be called "Mal's Way" as you have a very distinct style and very straightforward, effective techniques to achieve that style...I'm not just trying to flatter--I'm actually trying to allow myself (and others) to have more access to the process you go through. When I first started modeling I was absolutely drawn to Shep Paine's work...and read about and poured over all the work he did. It was the most realistic modeling I'd ever seen. In many ways, your work reminds me of his work. Second...as I mentioned during your first A8/R2 build, I have several Hasegawa FW 190 kits in my stash. While I bet you'd be reticent to accept such an offer, I'd still like to offer one up for sacrifice on your workbench. I am not an altruist--making this offer provides me with two things: 1) a chance to "pay" you back for the enjoyment I've received from not only following your recent builds on this forum, but also for the enjoyment I've had examining your other builds; and, 2) to have the opportunity to watch you perform your magic on yet ANOTHER FW 190 build...Mull it over... Regards, Greg
  13. Mal... I'm looking at that empty compartment behind the rear seat. I wonder what random items might find their way there--muddy boots, a worn top coat, an old newspaper, a few empty bottles of schnapps perhaps... As for the build itself, I think I've (finally) run out of adjectives to describe it... Greg
  14. Mal-- You're "Mal the Magic Man." Simply terrific work...as I've said before, your skills are tremendous yet subtle. Your eye for detail is wonderful. Artistic stuff. With all of those faces--the mechanics, the ground crew, the pilot (hell, toss a German shepherd into the mix!)--looking up at a strafing enemy plane (I seem to recall you wrote something a while back about this type of vignette--yes???)...with that car screaming "we've all seen better days!" and the A8/R2 just waiting to fly its pilot to glory... A great piece of work is all coming together... I raise my glass (of whiskey) to you, my friend... Greg
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