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  1. I am looking forward to the ZM 109's. I especially like the "late" model versions. Maybe we will see a state of the art G-10 and K model in the near future. I must admit I was disappointed that a FW-190D-9 not included in the ZM FW-190 line up. The Hasegawa kit getting a little old and a state-of-the-art replacement would be welcomed.
  2. I did not see the FW-190D-9 listed in latest release announcement. It was listed in the initial release notice a few years ago.
  3. Seems the FW-190A series gets pushed furhter back as far as a release date. Announced prior to Do-335 and F-4 series. At least two years ago. Not sure why release is taking that long. Hope the wait is worth it.
  4. WWII USAAF P-38 F/G/H/L B-26Marauder WWII RAF Hawker Typhoon Halifax Sterling Whirlwind Wellington WWII Germany BF-110G2/4 TA-154A 4 GO-145 GO-244 SI204D BV-138 HE-115 DO-24 DO-217 E/K/M JU-188 AR-234 A/B AR-96 AR-232A/B
  5. I wish we had a state of the art 1/32 injection kit of this aircraft, One of my Favs.
  6. BF-110G-2/4 series DO-17Z DO-217 series Siebel 204 BV-138 JU-188 AR-232A/B HE-115 Piaggio P108 Cant Z1007 BR-20 Cicogna Lagg series Yak series
  7. A real work of modeling art. Well done!
  8. Would love to see JU-88G series DO-217E/K BV-138 HE-115 DO-24 HE-177 B-26 Maruder P-38
  9. Love to see a P-38 in both the early and late versions. A truly historical aircraft that needs a little more love other than the trumpeter and ancient Revell kit. A Tamiya quality kit would be great.
  10. I agree with you alaninaustria! I have been wanting both the late and early versions in 1/32 for several years. It deserves a first class treatment and ZM would do a great job. a Tamiya kit of the P-38 would also be great.
  11. Would love to see a P-38 with state of the art tooling! I would love a "basic" edition like they plan for their FW-190 series would be great as well as the more complex editions for those who like to open everything up. The P-38 is a historic plane that deserves better than the current kits available .
  12. Love the subject and your craftsmanship. Very inspiring!
  13. I would love to see Hasegawa do a first class P-38 Lightning in 1/32. I think it deserves better than the ancient Revell or the more recent Trumpeter kit. Lots of interesting camouflage and markings not to mention the historical significance of this innovative aircraft. Maybe even Zoukei Mura, Revell of Germany or Tamiya would consider my request. I can only hope!! One can always dream.
  14. Good news Alex! Looking forward to the release. Rick R.
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