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  1. Just a quick question, I am working on Trumpter's F8F-1. I am going to do it as The Blue Angels' Beetle Bomb. Which crankcase would be correct, the flat one or the more rounded one? Seems I can't find any pictures of the crankcase. Thanks, Richard
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. Brian, your Bearcat is awesome looking . It looks like it is really made of aluminium. The different shades is fantastic. I might have to try that technique on a 1/48 B-58 Hustler that I have. Richard
  3. Well, I'm finally getting around to working on my Trumpeter F8F-1. I was just wondering, I've used whiteout on some smaller small aircraft to cover up small ejection pin marks and the like. I found it easy to use and quick and easy to sand down. Do you think this would work with the rivets on the Bearcat? Anybody have any other suggestions to smooth them over? TIA Richard
  4. Thanks for the help and tips guys. Richard
  5. Hey Gary, I did a little more searching and found this website which will allow you to download his decals and print them on decal paper. He has the Blue Angels( though only for the #2 aircraft) and Beetle Bomb. I'm going to try that route and see how it come out. Here is the link: rjcaviationart.googlepages.com Go to the Make Your Own Decals section and the Bearcat decals are there. He also has some other aircraft on his site also under the Decal Art Archive. Hope this helps you, Richard
  6. Hello all, I'm working on a Tumpeter F8F-1 Bearcat and want the wings open(unfolded). Anyone have any tips on the best way to do it? I was going to use some styrene to reinforce the joint and just glue them together. Just a rant; but why did Trumpeter mold this with the wing fold option . The Bearcat has such a small wing span anyway. I have some 1/48 aircraft(F7F Tigercat for example) and their wing span is larger. They should have molded the wings as one piece. Let the builder decide if they want to cut the wings apart. Sorry I had to vent. Richard
  7. Thanks for the info Charles. I guess I didn't search hard enough. Richard
  8. I was just wondering, how come it seems like there are no AM decals for the Trumpeter F8F Bearcat? I would like to see some for this kit, lets say a Blue Angels set with Beetle Bomb, or a GSB and Yellow one from NOTS Inyokern, CA for the -1 and GSB and Yellow VX-2 drone controller bird. I'd even settle for a USNR Bearcat. Rich
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