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  1. If you end up passing on the Tigercat, please let me know about the deal. Thanks and happy new year!
  2. Only sharing my experience, but masking is no problem. Masking to pick out panels to apply different shades is no issue at all. They are durable too as you handle your model and hold up very well.
  3. One bottle of Aluminum is plenty to do an entire 1/32 P-51. If you get a couple different metals you’ll have more than enough. I would use their black primer, though you supposedly don’t have to. Good luck! i just got a cyber Monday email 25% off with a voucher for 5% off a future order. Good luck!
  4. I'm not affiliated with AK - just a very happy customer! Through today, they are about $4.20 each depending upon what conversion factor you use from AK Direct. It's extremely forgiving and easy to work with as long as your surface is smooth. I've found it to be nowhere near as finicky as Alclad. Don't get me wrong I see some great stuff on here from other modelers using Alclad, but I've never had much luck with the stuff. The smell is comparable with Alclad. Their "Real Colors" paints are amazing too. It's an acrylic lacquer based product, but I have been able to get great results using them. Compared to paints like MRP or other lacquers the smell is not too bad. Even with a spray booth, other inhabitants in my house would complain about the smell using MRP, but not with Real Colors if you use their thinner. Nobody even knows I'm airbrushing and I don't use the spray booth all the time. You can also use enamel based washes on top of either Xtreme metal or Real Colors and they are unaffected as you weather them. This product range has really helped me get some great results! If you spend over 200 euro you get free DHL air shipping worldwide, which isn't hard to do with all the paints, weathering supplies, tools, brushes, etc on their website! Takes about 4 business days from Spain to my doorstep in PA.
  5. They are the best metal paints I have ever used. I think they are a lacquer, but you can use AK enamel washes right over them with no ill effects. Flory did a nice video review which is what got me hooked. You’ll forget all about Alclad that’s for sure! Right now AK has a Black Friday 25% off promo That ends tomorrow.
  6. Defmodel casting quality is top notch on my armor stuff. I just preordered the gun barrels and seated pilots from Luckymodel
  7. I would like to get the control surfaces, tails, and burners if you have them. I’m in USA. How do I order?
  8. Hi

    id like to get all of your sets for the 1/32 F-35. Please contact me with instructions to do so. 


  9. Hi, I’d like to get all the sets you make for the F-35. I’m in USA. Can you please tell me how tp place an order?


  10. Hi everyone, I have tried Google, but don't seem to be finding any aftermarket decals for this new kit. Anyone know of any? Would like a scheme with full upper and lower invasion stripes. Thanks for any assistance!
  11. I'm in for a Blue Angels Tiger!
  12. That's it! Thanks Kagemusha! Hopefully Maketar will respond favorably.
  13. Hi, A while back I saw an E/A-18G done up with a set of masks I believe Maketar had produced - I cannot seem to find the thread! Do you produce such a set? This would be the camo version with the scorpion tail on it... Thanks!
  14. These are great threads in the HK kit! It looks like there are actually 4 chairs in the kit, one on each of the engine sprues (J). I did not see it in the instructions either, nor do I know if its accurate, but at least it does not appear we have to rummage through spares boxes to come up with something.
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