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  1. Not intended to start a Squadron bashing thread just facts about my most recent experience. I ordered the "new" B-17G Late Version from them on October 19. I know the kit has been out for a while now, and called first week of December to ask when it was going to ship. Was told the arrival was to be "any day now." After following up yesterday, the guy I spoke with said they had no idea if and when they were getting any HK kits. Needless to say I cancelled my order. Same thing with my HK Lancaster kit. Thanks to Dave Williams' post I picked them up off Ebay with the 15% off coupon (Thanks Dave!) and they are already on their way to me. Maybe others have had a different/better experience. However, if you're still waiting on Squadron to get these kits you may be waiting in vain.
  2. Use promo code PLAYTIME15 to save on model kits today only until 11:59 PST. New HK Lancaster for $280 with free shipping to the lower 48 in not bad!
  3. cxk5075

    Squadron Flash Sale!

    The new HK Lancaster looks like a deal - at least to me it did. I haven’t seen a net price with shipping lower at any other site.
  4. cxk5075

    Squadron Flash Sale!

    I’m not affiliated with Squadron, but until midnight you can score 20% off new kits by using the code “FTTFF” Works on pre-orders too!
  5. cxk5075

    1/32 F-35A Slats and flaps SET

    I would like to get the control surfaces, tails, and burners if you have them. I’m in USA. How do I order?
  6. Hi

    id like to get all of your sets for the 1/32 F-35. Please contact me with instructions to do so. 


  7. Hi, I’d like to get all the sets you make for the F-35. I’m in USA. Can you please tell me how tp place an order?


  8. cxk5075

    SCALE Hobbyist experiences

    Deal with confidence! Jared is one of the good guys!
  9. Hi everyone, I have tried Google, but don't seem to be finding any aftermarket decals for this new kit. Anyone know of any? Would like a scheme with full upper and lower invasion stripes. Thanks for any assistance!
  10. cxk5075

    Trumpeter F-105 Intake - Any interest?

    Absolutely Gary. I'd take at least 4 sets.
  11. cxk5075

    News and views...

    I'm in for a Blue Angels Tiger!
  12. cxk5075

    GT Resin F-105 one piece exhaust!

    I agree 100% with you Chuck. There is no misrepresentation here whatsoever, and I know of no other exhaust product on the market made for the 1/32 Trumpeter Thud. I don't understand how that does not make this "original work." Trumpeter's engine may not be the most accurate out there, but when I ask the question "what are my alternatives?" the answer is clear (at least to me). The VALUE that has been added is the elimination of the seams, resulting from the crude 4 piece engine assembly contained in the Trumpeter D/G kits. Plus, the nasty knock out pin marks have been eliminated to boot. I am absolutely thrilled to have SIX of these cleanly cast parts for all the D/G Thuds in my stash and greatly appreciate Gary bringing them to market!
  13. cxk5075

    HK B-17 Accuracy issues?

    These are great threads in the HK kit! It looks like there are actually 4 chairs in the kit, one on each of the engine sprues (J). I did not see it in the instructions either, nor do I know if its accurate, but at least it does not appear we have to rummage through spares boxes to come up with something.
  14. cxk5075

    Hobby Boss P-61A

    This kit is awesome indeed. I agree with you this area is definitely one of the most challenging parts of the kit. But it is still a fun kit. I have kind of been skipping around in the instructions - I tend to first assemble things that are in "halves" first (fuel tanks, the .50 cals, rudders, etc.). Helps to deal with most of the seams at once.