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  1. I used AK's "Real Colors" as follows: RC225 Dark Tan FS30219 for the DuPont Brown 71-009 RC230 Dull Dark Green and RC027 Forest Green in a 70/30 mix for the DuPont Green 71-013 RC254 Camouflage Grey FS 36622 for the DuPont Grey 71-021 A set of TopNotch Masks will really help save you a lot of time! Will post pics later of my WIP. Below is a link to what I found to be the most comprehensive yet concise guide to the AVG P-40 colors: http://www.ratomodeling.com.br/articles/AVG_cammo/
  2. For Tamiya to do a P-51B and P-47D The B-26 Marauder has always been on my wish list as well but doubt Tamiya would ever consider such a subject in 1/32 scale.
  3. I'll be praying for you to have the best outcome possible. As others have said don't push yourself too hard during your much needed recovery time.
  4. Love the camoflage! Did you use the TopNotch masks by chance? Beautiful job!
  5. Hi Pastor John! Really hope you heal to a point where you can pursue your passion! Are you still taking orders directly, or just Hannant's now? Cheers!
  6. Placed my preorder Saturday, got a shipping notice today. Very excited to get these!
  7. I see these are up for pre-order on Werner's Wings website. Does anyone know if the decal sheets are included in the conversion price, or would you need to order a decal sheet to go with the conversion kit?
  8. Hi, I sent you an email regarding order number #10087. Please respond when you can.
  9. I got the 1/32 HPH Helldiver kit when it came out. When news of this Infinity kit broke, I was sort of disappointed I had spent what I did on that full resin kit. Now that I see what the Infinity version has to offer, and what you need to bring it up to the level of the HPH kit, I don't feel so bad anymore. Probably ends up being cheaper actually by the time one buys all the extra detail sets, or even a few of them. The only thing the HPH kit really needs is a new set of G-Factor legs to support the extra weight.
  10. Is shipping correct? 2 decal sheets is coming up to $20 shipping charge to PA…
  11. Got my 1/32 108 gallon paper tanks this week too! Very quick service. These are a definite upgrade to the Tamiya parts IMHO. Well worth the money.
  12. If you end up passing on the Tigercat, please let me know about the deal. Thanks and happy new year!
  13. Only sharing my experience, but masking is no problem. Masking to pick out panels to apply different shades is no issue at all. They are durable too as you handle your model and hold up very well.
  14. One bottle of Aluminum is plenty to do an entire 1/32 P-51. If you get a couple different metals you’ll have more than enough. I would use their black primer, though you supposedly don’t have to. Good luck! i just got a cyber Monday email 25% off with a voucher for 5% off a future order. Good luck!
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