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  1. Later rails for a Splinter scheme (in the kit) PW engine available from Reskit
  2. Interesting the cannons are in the outboard positions not seen that on a Mk Vc before.
  3. Great looking build really like the finish
  4. Drawdecal do some very nice racer decals have you tried their website ?
  5. As Dave Roof said there are a number of problems with the Yellowhammer sheet a new accurate sheet would be most welcome and there is a kit to put them already on the market
  6. Well if they did a decal for A-4B and A-4P then we could do the All Argentian Air Force and Navy Skyhawks then I`d just have to buy 2 conversions I think Harold has the the other FAA bits already
  7. Count me in for an F3 and a couple of intake trucks as well
  8. Some different options on Argentinian A-4`s would be nice
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