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    The order of my interests changes regularly between Aircraft 1/48,1/32,1/24;model cars,occasionallyarmorand ships.I also mess about with full size neat cars.<br> Come to think of it,I like all big boys toys. Been building models for more than 50 years.they sometimes turn out not too bad. Seeing all of the great models on this site is setting me up for more large scale A/C.I'm looking forward to the Fisher P anther I have ordered.

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  1. Without a doubt this is a nicely built model. Nicely finished,subtly weathered with great decal work! I'm absolutely NOT a rivet counter,as all of my models would show .However If I could afford this kit I would somehow have to do something about the wings.
  2. I agree with this,and,I am smart,talented,experienced,and modest... cheers. Bigern.
  3. The Corsair is definitely one of my favourites,have many builtand in the stash But why all of the fuss over just another one I find very puzzling. Just wonderin'. Cheers Ernie.
  4. I wish we could return to calling this great color SKY ,as it was always known. The S was added by the U.S manufacturer for a different compound of the color SKY. The same color Maybe somebody can add more info on this. the color is SKY. Let's not change history............cheers bigern
  5. Not my scale, but a great looking model..... cheers bigern
  6. Forget the ultrasonic cleaner and just clean it the usual way. We definitely do not need another " gotta have it " gadget that rookies can't do without. Only my honest professional opinion.........cheers Ernie
  7. Stephen is correct! Model discussions here should be 1/32 or larger. bigern
  8. I like ,and build ,all subjects in all scales. Digging through other sites can be a little much. Our site is specific and simple,with lots of darn nice folks. Leave it as it is. Cheers bigern (the good looking Ernie).
  9. Very ,very nice! ! like to do this type of thing myself. But,never get to your fine standardsl cheers Ernie
  10. Oh my!! Very nice in silver,well done! cheers bigern
  11. Gotta agree with " hooked for life". Seems to me that if I could afford this kit[also my favorite cat] I would be surprised initially,but would use my modeling skills to overcome any fixable faults and feel lucky that kit is on the market. As I am sure you will eventually. As they say S#$#*^T happens. bigern c
  12. bigern007

    !/35 Bren

    It looks really good. Nice clean build,,,,,,,, cheers bigern
  13. If stunning sights are your thing check out U Tube "girls in supercars".. Much better than this boring stuff! Which I am going to stop reading Immediately,,,maybe..so there! bigern
  14. Do you people have nothing better to do?/!! I can't believe I read all these goofy comments! Going for a JD,, or maybe two, before I can read any more of this inane nonsense......so there!! bigern
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