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  1. Unfortunately , nose has a bad shape, especially in the upper part of the air inlet. It would be good if someone did a resin correction set ! ?
  2. This year unfortunately only 1/48 Ki-84 Hayate ?!?
  3. Unfortunately, wing airfoil is totally WRONG !!!
  4. I think the Davis airfoil is inaccurate !
  5. I also very much expected Tempest nose and spinner correction set, for my several Tempests. I wonder whether it will be at the IPMS National Convention Omaha ???
  6. "New" engine, with old incorrection nose and spinner !
  7. Hi, please any news about radiator nose and spinner correction set ?
  8. Hi, plase have anybody drawing (side views) for B-17E engine cowlings ? I would compare the accuracy cowlings shape from my HK Models B-17E Many thanks for your help
  9. Any news about this Tempest nose correction set ? https://postimg.org/image/j4yj4j0en/
  10. PCM tempest has better shaped nose section (radiator cowling) and prop.spinner, than SH Tempest Tempest S.H. - main mistakes: Incorrect shape radiator cowling,the kit nose is too big in the front, spinner is too large in diameter and too bulbous ! Incorrect shape wing fairing ! see link: https://postimg.org/image/j4yj4j0en/ https://postimg.org/image/r41jo699h/
  11. It will be Barracuda, master looks great. see link: https://postimg.org/image/p19l4n5t9/14f67351/ https://postimg.org/image/bq4iaor8x/97bf2465/ https://postimg.org/image/ymn4qmw99/d4cf15b8/ https://postimg.org/image/4rp4s18c7/de96c1b3/
  12. Does anyone know when will be available Tempest cowling correction set from Barracuda Studios ?
  13. Excellent set Roy, greatly looking forward to it, it is possible to make an Pre-order ?
  14. Comparison nose section cowlings SH versus PCM see links: http://n31i.imgup.net/SL271258ef8c.JPG http://v77i.imgup.net/SL2712614848.JPG
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