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  1. I'll say! By the time I found out and looked, they were gone!
  2. I'm still hoping for the M6 service truck and M5 bomb trailer to be made in 1/32. I have the equipment manual and all the specs, as well as an ability to scratch build one. It's the time I lack unfortunately.
  3. I was a 95B with an ASI as Q9 from 85-94, including Just Cause and Desert Shield/Storm. Got out in 94 thanks to recurring injury to my left Achilles. Spent my entire time assigned to the 16MP Bde (ABN) out of Ft. Bragg, NC. Bounced around doing this and that until 2004 and became a DA armed guard finishing my time working the FORSCOM/USARC Hq until 2016 when service connected back issues forced me into an early retirement. Now going to school on the VA's dime and getting a degree in history.
  4. This is fantastic work! On an unrelated topic; curious about your crossed pistols avatar. The US Army insignia for my MOS was crossed pistols.
  5. Nah...they have bouncy tires
  6. And did the OP ever get the answer he was looking for?
  7. Beautiful work! Eventually, (I hope), I plan to pick one of these and a Ju88 up. I've honestly been holding off in the hopes that someone would produce a Do17. If my luck holds true, they won't until I spend my money on something else or attempt to scratchbuild one first. Just seems to how things work for me. On a side note, was watching some show on Netflix about the Luftwaffe and this aircraft came up. One thing I was not aware of was the number of times pilots had to open the roof hatch, elevate the seat and stick their head out to see while landing. Apparently the altitude chan
  8. My sister spent a lot of time stationed aboard the JFK in the 90's. One thing she told me that always stuck, was the frequency in which flight deck crew either get injured, or disappear into the vastness of the ocean. I once inadvertently drove into a sandy area in Iraq full of undetonated cluster bomblets during Desert Storm. I'd rather do that again than what I just saw in that video. It was safer.
  9. I think it's less about easy, and more about cost. When you figure the somewhat novelty of anything color, (remember the "In Color" promos for tv?), and the fact that the government tends to go the cheapest route as much as they can, my guess is the pictures were taken on color film, but developed B&W photos since 90% of print media like papers, magazines and such, would use B&W.
  10. Gentile and Shangri-La have always been a favorite subject of mine, (in case my avatar wasn't obvious ) I'm inclined to believe that the main reason for wheel hub confusion is due to the nature of combat missions vs when photos were taken. There's documentation of pilots returning from an escort mission, refueling and re-arming, then going out to find targets of opportunity. Highly possible a photographer could have been at an airfield all day, taken a picture of said aircraft pre-mission, aircraft returns, tire is flat and instead of trying to repair the tire right away, change it out wi
  11. I gathered what he was saying, in regards to individual sellers online, is "caveat emptor". Buyer beware. I've seen similar things happen, (and currently are happening), in the model railroad community. When a company folds for whatever reason, the opportunists will sell what they have at inflated prices, "as is/no return" hoping for quick cash. The lack of a company behind those sales, is lack of any customer support. Of course this sort of situation happens all over online auction sites, not just to models. I took it as more of a "been there, done that" sort of post.
  12. I'm convinced it was a cookie dispenser. The Navy likes cookies...
  13. I always loved that picture. Primarily because what the Germans couldn't destroy, Gentile did himself! Last return buzz, last mission before going back to the US for a War Bond/factory tour, and he "oopsied"
  14. I'd clean it up, paint it as desired and insert into my will to replace my coffin top with it. A viewing to remember!
  15. Possibly some sort of rangefinder? Sonar transmitter perhaps? Cookie dispenser?
  16. I've used both the rivets and diamond tread with excellent results. They leave a scale, raised surface that adds a fantastic 3D realism needed in my dioramas. Most recently, ( in the last month), I applied the diamond tread to create the steel plates where a carrier elevator meets the deck. Once I finally get around to installing an image host other than Photobucket, I'll share my pics. Only tip I would give is this; the detail is fantastic, yet somewhat delicate. Even with a new blade, when trimming some of the resin popped off near my deck edges. I expected this, having worked wi
  17. Fantastic work! To be honest, I never really paid attention to the dimensions of this bird, but your one overhead shot made me realize that the wings were really just there in theory! If ever an aircraft was "a missile with a pilot strapped to it", this is the one! Great work, and great photos!
  18. I have to say, there's been very few letdowns as far as kits themselves, but mostly thanks to my being picky about what I build and the excellent reviews I see here and other sites. Although more of my surprises and letdowns have to do with the "good idea fairy" more than anything else. I tend to be more surprised or let down by the manufacturers. For example, (and seriously NOT blaming any one company in particular), we have exceptionally detailed and accurate large scale bombers such as the B-17, but no equivalent P-38 or even P-51B. A fantastic OV-10 and more F-4s than I think McDonnell-Dou
  19. I believe the main difference is really in personal perception. I know a lot of the Iraqi prisoners referred to the F-117 as "Shaba" which is essentially an evil spirit that comes out at night. Which could also be a spectre, or phantom
  20. I don't know about that, considering first you would have to actually locate said Warrant or Specialist...
  21. I'm inclined to believe one of the reasons is to ensure "positive" mounting, connecting, and arming as well as preventing damage to the ordinance. But then again, people are much cheaper than machinery...
  22. Speaking as one with OCD when it comes to detail accuracy, and one who loves to build things that are not mainstream or generic, I think these kind of discussions are EXACTLY what this site is for. There's always someone who knows more, or has researched more and for that I'm indebted. As for the F-111, I believe, (and I may be wrong), the USAF named it the Raven, but RAAF named it the Aardvark. Thanks for the AC-130 info. I wasn't entirely sure of the timeline, but I thought it had appeared near the end of, or post Vietnam as generally the AC-47 is associated with tha
  23. I think "meander" is a very nice way to say "wander aimlessly from project to project" I have roughly 4-5 projects going on at one time. When the muse strikes me, I can stay focused on the same one for days, until the muse from another project pops into my head. There have many times where, while working on project A, an idea for project B will crop up. Project A will be set aside, as project B takes over. Then C, then D, etc... One thing I do like about it, is that it tends to keep me from burning out or becoming too frustrated with any one project. On the other hand, it als
  24. Honestly, although I have heard the name "Spectre" only twice in reference to the F-110A, this post being one, the other when talking to someone once about the F-4 variations, and they were of dubious knowledge. The only "official" aircraft named Spectre that I have been aware of (and managed to score a ride on during gunnery practice!) is the AC-130. Not knowing operational history offhand on the AC-130, is it possible that M-D had chosen the name and once found out it was being used, dropped it? Or possibly the name given to just the test/experimental aircraft?
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