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  1. Love that last photo. I had no idea, (or never noticed before), how many panel #s were on an aircraft. Do the numbers stay on, or are they painted over once an overhaul is completed?
  2. Beautiful work on a beautiful bird!
  3. Beautiful work, (as usual)! A question though, do you blend your shading, or just paint very thin lines of your shadow/highlight shades? I've been playing with it both ways lately, and it seems that the "straight line" method works best for fabric folds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Jerry, and please continue posting your work. I get a lot of inspiration from you old 82nd farts!
  4. Btw, Shan, if you have the "Live After Death" album, with the liner notes, (boy doesn't THAT make me sound old!), it should have the list of dates & venues. Our town was misspelled as Glenn Falls, NY. It's actually Glens Falls. On a side note, you know you've raised your 23 year old son right when you have to hunt him down to get you Maiden CDs back!
  5. Awesome! Eddie rocked Desert Storm in more ways than one. Maiden is my second favorite band, right behind Black Sabbath, and one of the best concerts I ever saw, (World Slavery Tour. Right after Powerslave was released). We played Killers, Number of the Beast and Powerslave constantly. Once the orders were given to enter Iraq, the 3 songs we played the most in our Humm-Vees on our "boom box" were Invaders, 2 Minutes to Midnight and Run to the Hills.
  6. I haven't used them yet, but the fact they make the correct IP in 1/32 for the Fiat G.50, is enough for me to buy.
  7. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm slowly incorporating my attention to detail into my aircraft builds. Since my garage/man cave is currently undergoing a remodel, (which will allow me to add my second hobby of HO railroading to the fold), I'll try to go through and see what I may have posted of my builds. On a side note, so far my aircraft displays are the typical "sitting on the flight line" kind of thing. I'm going to attempt changing that by adding a little bit at a time.
  8. I put a lot of thought into that before I mounted it there. We had a similar issue in Desert Storm with our Humm-Vee spares. The 1st generation had no tire rack on the rear, and we couldn't mount them to the rear hatch, (would interfere with the hatch locks), and there was no place inside with all the ammo and gear, so we mounted them on the hood, but off-set as I did here. My driver figured it would double as an impromptu sandbag of sorts. I tried to put it as close to the right edge as possible. This keeps the fighting compartment clear, gives additional small arms protection, and allows decent forward visibility. Besides, it gave me an excuse to have a standing figure!
  9. Since I've been slacking in the LSP construction lately, mostly due to a remodel of my garage/man cave, I figured I'd at least post a picture of my most recently completed diorama. To be honest, I don't know if I've ever actually posted any of my work. This is the Tamiya M21 mortar carrier, with a modified crew, on it's way through a village in France.
  10. A 1/32 S.M. 79 would certainly be a purchase for me!
  11. Personally, I'll wait as long as it takes for a good B model. I have so far. Hopefully I can get a couple, as I have a couple favorites I'd like to represent. You can guess which one I'll do first, just look at my avatar (hint hint)!
  12. I'm going to hold out for a 1/32 scale dirigible!
  13. I'll be following this with interest. As much as I love the P-38 and P-47, I've always felt the P-39 got a bum rap. As I kid, I started reading about how the Soviets took a "lump of coal" and made it into a diamond. To me, the P-39 is more important to Soviet air superiority than any of their home grown birds.
  14. Beautiful work! Especially the heat shield behind the exhaust
  15. I'd love to see the Mc.200 get produced in 1/32. I've been wanting one for a long time, and the PCM kit is next to impossible to find.
  16. Ironically, I'm just the reverse. I've been building armor and armor dioramas for years and only started back into aircraft within the last 18 months. One thing I do love about armor versus aircraft is the number of display options. Aircraft have a limited number of options, just simply because of the nature of the equipment. Armor, however, is limited only by the imagination! Mud or nor mud? In action or at rest? Crew or no crew, etc... I think you'll find it quite enjoyable. Maybe not a full change over, but a nice distraction.
  17. Just wanted to say that I am highly impressed with the whole crew at Grey Matters. Shortly after Tim announced the Hs129's availablity, I contacted him in regards to ordering one. He promptly emailed me, and we set it all up. Withing minutes after recieving my invoice and paying, Tim emailed me and said it would go in the post that evening. Less than one week later, (I had predicted at least 10 days), I picked the parcel up from my post office damage free! Granted, I live on the eastern seaboard of the US, (North Carolina), but the fact it got here and intact in roughly 5 days is fantastic! I would definately order from them again!
  18. I use Testors dullcoat. I use the rattlecan to put a light sealing coat on between washes and weathering. Once my work is done, I dilute it 50/50 with laquer thinner and spray with my airbrush. Seems to work best for me.
  19. Tench, yes it does make a difference. I purchased a IIIa set for use in a III. When it came time to align everything, it was off by just enough that it was easier to order the proper set than it was to get everything to mesh. The quality of the Taurus resin is fantastic. Soft resin, yet remarkable detail. Easy to work with and fit is spot on!
  20. Brian, I definately agree with you about the P-51B, (as if my avatar wasn't enough ), as well as a few other icons.
  21. lawman56

    Tiny nuts!

    I believe the name is Grandt Line Industries, but either way, check model railroad scratchbuilding supplies. I have threaded nuts and bolts for my HO railroad that are practically microscopic!
  22. I'm hoping someone will start making a few of the more obscure aircraft. Either re-release, (PCM Macchi 200), or new release, in 1/32. There have been quite a few I never expected to see in 1/32, such as the soon to be released Avro Lancaster, Kittyhawk's P-39, etc...so there's hope. I'm especially hoping for a SM79, IL-4, and maybe a P-108.
  23. No worries, Brian. As you mentioned above, we all go through a loss of mojo at times. Personally, I have a WNW Albatros 2/3 completed, but since my heart wasn't in it, it's been in a box for over a year now. When I feel ready to pull it down and tackle the struts, rigging, etc... then I will. Can't do them justice if you just "push to get them done".
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