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    etendard reacted to AEROPOXY in 15 years of my 1/32 scale model builds 2002.-2017. and counting...   
    Past 15 years in 1/32 scale...

    Smaller , 48/72/144/200  needs another video/slideshow  clip.
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    etendard got a reaction from mpk in Kitty Hawk F-86K Sabre Dog   
    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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    etendard got a reaction from Girlscanplay2 in Tornado F3   
    I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
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    etendard reacted to Menelaos in Servicing the Starfighter   
    everything you want in this film...very nice and detailed shots for all 1o4 freaks...

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    etendard reacted to Tony T in Time to do your first 1/24 scale model?!   
    Bought most of my Tamiya from Jadlam. Good prices and new-new condition.
    The only 1/24 I would build are trucks, but I don't want to end up going there, or 1/35 railway, or 1/200 ships, or 1/16 tanks, or....
    Although Airfix make only 1/32 polythene military figures and styrene cars, mostly from ancient tooling, they have done a BMW Mini. If only they'd make a 1/32 EE Lightning F.6, if only - if only.
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    etendard reacted to Gazzas in Time to do your first 1/24 scale model?!   
    1/24 scale.  My eyes would love to build that scale.  Problem is my 1/1 scale wife would balk at the loss of space. 
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    etendard reacted to Starfighter in Belgian Air Force 1/32 Mirage 5BA Resin Conversion Set And Decals.   
    Patrick is an excellent modeller (we've been talking about his incredible 32nd scale EA-7L, TF-104G and Mirage 5BA conversions lately) and a true Mirage V expert. This is going to be great!
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    etendard reacted to Barry in Another stash question   
    Man Mike if I knew the answer to that I would have a much smaller stash! Ever time I start to make a list of what I will NEVER built it starts out big and then ends up small.
    I will be watching this topic for some good suggestions.
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    etendard reacted to Joel_W in Kitty Hawk F-86K Sabre Dog   
      the front row is filling up really fast. can't wait for the show to start.   
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    etendard got a reaction from HerculesPA_2 in Fw190 D-9 | 1/12th scale scratch build replica   
    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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    etendard got a reaction from Tinbanger in Kitty Hawk F-86K Sabre Dog   
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    etendard got a reaction from Joel_W in Kitty Hawk F-86K Sabre Dog   
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    etendard got a reaction from mpk in BSG Viper MkII WIP.   
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    etendard got a reaction from Bill_S in Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942   
    :popcorn: :popcorn:
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    etendard got a reaction from 109 in Fw190 D-9 | 1/12th scale scratch build replica   
    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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    etendard reacted to Cees Broere in Revell Spitfire Mk.IXc is out in Germany   
    In discussions like these Edgar Brooks is sorely missed.
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    etendard reacted to Artful69 in Revell Spitfire Mk.IXc is out in Germany   
    I don't have 'bazillion and one kits' ... whatever that means ... I'm guessing it's a large amount?
    And I'm choosing to avoid the purchase of this one ... rather than 'can't' ... yes I'm for real!!
    Buying AM, correction sets, putty, plastic card etcetera IS optional, as you rightly point out ... but that isn't defeating the point, for me - that IS the point.
    As I've said before, the kit seems to represent decent value for money - especially in Europe, and most likely the USA ... the pricing becomes a lot steeper in Australia (one of the 'bonuses' of a remote part of the world, I'm guessing).
    My point is ... FOR ME - to buy the kit ... and then bring the kit up to an accuracy standard anywhere approaching the Tamiya one (forgetting the extra detail) currently available on the market ...
    I would probably have to invest as much as, if not more than, what it would cost me to have the Tamiya kit delivered to my front door ... plus improve my modelling skills at the same time.
    This isn't snobbery ... nor is it elitism ... For me, it's simply a wise choice.
    We all know (or should know) that no kit out there is perfect ... but if there is a more accurate rendition out there of any particular kit - my tendency moves toward that.
    I have job that I work long hours at, in order to earn the 'extra' cash I have for 'spending' ... some people have families to look after ... or a mortgage to pay ... and at times I envy them!!
    Even so ... I had to wait 3 years after starting my current job, before I could afford the 'luxury' of buying the Tamiya Spitfires - I had much bigger priorities - a roof over my head, food in my stomach, electricity, gas etc ... but for me, they were worth the wait and every cent spent.
    For those who see value for their money in the newer Revell kit ... or indeed, posses the skill set to extract an accurate rendition out of it ... I applaud them.
    Tony's build is quite nice to look at ... he's done very well.
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    etendard reacted to Jennings Heilig in 1/32 Kittyhawk F-84F Thunderstreak & RF-84F Thunderflash !   
    Meh.  I just can't get excited about any KH announcements.  Their track record is so abysmal, they're starting to make Trumpeter look consistently competent.
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    etendard got a reaction from kalashnikov-47 in 1/32 Kittyhawk F-84F Thunderstreak & RF-84F Thunderflash !   
    I won't hold my breath!!
    According to cybermodeller ?? Yes ,i have read it too, but every once in a month they announced it ,then it disappear ,and the next time they announce it again !! So,??????????............. :mental:
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    etendard reacted to ChrisK89 in Mr Cement S removes CA glue   
    Yesterday i made a few adjustments to my PE and scratchbuilt parts on my Bf109 builds and noticed a very nice side effect of my Mr Cement glue. It can remove CA glue stains on mentioned metal/PE parts!
    It's not working in an instant more like removing dried white glue or Micro krystal clear but it works and the Mr Cement doesn't leave any markings or residues on the parts and you needn't any scratching to remove any leftovers.
    Don't know if this is already common knowledge to modellers but i'm pretty happy with this discovery.
    cheers Chris
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    etendard reacted to Jack in I'm leaving......   
    Okay, okay.....okay...I've had it with you nuts........i've never seen a bunch of  forum members changing a "original" thread into something completely different, though i must say it's hilarious......SO JUST BECAUSE OF THAT: I'M BAAAAACK!!!
    It's not worth it, and like a lot of you guys who commented here or pm'd me, who said the same, i think LSP is still great and i couldn't actually do without it.....ah......wait.....no, it's a fact.
    appreciate it guys,
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    etendard reacted to LSP_K2 in Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5E/F Tiger II / Special Interest Group (SIG) !   
    Since, as far as I am aware, Kittyhawk and Cybermodeler have nothing to do with each other, I wouldn't put much credence into what's posted on a list by Cybermodeler.
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    etendard reacted to SharkOwl in Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5E/F Tiger II / Special Interest Group (SIG) !   
    The previously announced Kitty Hawk 1/32 Scale F-5E Tiger II is NO LONGER on the most recent update of Michael Benolkin
    CyberModeller's "new kits release" listing. Too Bad !
    But the Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F is in !
    The KH Tiger II announcement was certainly a diversion "fake news" to confuse competitors about the Mirage 2000-5F.
    I do not like these tactics at all and it gaves low credibility to KH. ( blood on the page)
    My note about this situation is a "D Minus". KH do not pass this specific mission.

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    etendard reacted to Big Texan in Grey Matters Hurricane Stuff.....   
    Well, thanks fellas! Andy, I wish my stuff looked like yours! Mine is warped, to include the front wall where the tube frames go into. Badly warped. The rear piece is also warped.
    Wasn't sure if you could treat resin parts like plastic with the hot water treatment. I will have to give this a try.

    Don't get me wrong fellas, I wasn't bad mouthing Grey Matters, I'm sure they are good folks. Just had to get over my disappointment. Will contact them and I'm sure they'll do me right.
    Thanks to one and all!
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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in Grey Matters Hurricane Stuff.....   
    Definitely let them know. I have ordered a few things from them in the past and they always struck me as an honourable bunch. For the cost of an e-mail, it will let them know they have an issue with their QC, quite apart from the opportunity to square things for you. And you paid good money. You should expect servicable goods in return!
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