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Fw190 D-9 | 1/12th scale scratch build replica


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after finishing my Hansa-Brandenburg diorama I asked myself what do build next? What could be more reasonable than a 1/12th scale replica of a Langnase?!

:please: :mental:


Mr. Bentley´s plans are highly recommended! They contain all fuselage frames.



Frames of the center fuselage sections:



It take shape – slowly!


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Well, talk about an ambitious project! I'll be following this one avidly. Looks like you've got a plan, so to speak.



Yes, ambitious, I hope to finish this one, not sure about the engine ...

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I got a project later on... involved a huge aircraft....4 engine one....1:32.


That is building a frame with glass sides and leds....bsckground is blueprints...and plane on top...then hang the thick artpiece on a wall...just like a painting...and since it got a glass framing...no dust...or say plexi instead...and it will be wievable from all angles...


Maybe that could be something for this project....


Just an input...;)

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Tension vs. shape


To reduce tensions in the balsa and to enable a curved shell I cut slots into the backside of the balsa stripe. I added super glue and bent it to fit the curvature of frame 8:



I sprayed some activator onto the super glue. The balsa hold its new shape nicely:



Balsa shell glued into the framework:


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amazing :) - I am loving this


interested in the techniques you use and will be following your build :popcorn:



Hi Peter


I'm a fan of your work and hope to learn from you!


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