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  1. Like the question says, anybody use the Eduard Mig-29 Bang Seat Harness set??? Most of the drawing instructions are straight forward, but the shoulder harness drawings leave a lot to be desired. Having a hard time figuring it out. Would love to get the color set for my Revell 1/32 Mig-29, but only if I can get it figured out. Thanks fer yer help fellars!!!
  2. Full set would be nice. I'd get 3 for the Phantoms I have. I'd like to see more decal options for the 1/32 Phantoms. German schemes in Norm 72 and 81.
  3. Big Texan

    Bad news

    Oh Harv, I'm so so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.
  4. Big Texan

    JU-52 crash

    Terrible, just terrible. Prayers for all concerned!
  5. Big Texan

    2018 Phoenix Nat Pictures

    Thanks for the pics! Looks like some nice models were entered!
  6. Big Texan

    Revell Stock Inbound to Lucky Model

    Great news!!!! I was afraid we wouldn't see these kits for quite some time!
  7. Big Texan

    BLACK PANTHER ...the Movie

    It was a very good movie. The Avengers Infinity War movie will make ya mad. Ant Man and Wasp is a very good movie as well. Just saw it with the family las weekend.
  8. Big Texan

    SBD-3 done

    Really like it John!!! Great job!!!
  9. Awesome!!! So when do we start this pup up and go flying!!! Great job!!!
  10. Big Texan

    It's not Top Gun 2, But Top Gun: Maverick.

    Oh man, I was in Tech School at Keesler AFB, MS, when Top Gun came out! My buddy and I watched that movie 3 times at the theater! LOL! We loved the flying scenes, which were well done. We knew it was BS, especially using black painted F-5's and F-5F's as Migs! LOL! Had some great lines in it that were just to funny. My favorite was the Carrier skipper telling Maverick that if he screwed up this much, the little stub left of his cigar, that they would be flying rubber dog sh*t out of Hong Kong for the rest of their lives! LOL! All this said, this next installment, way to late, smells like rubber dog sh*t out of Hong Kong! LOL! Don't think I'll pay to see it. Maverick's had it tough. He marries Kelly McGillis, has a baby, then she leaves him cause she's a lesbian! LOL! Now his son, a grown man, is all confused, and tries to follow in his Pop's footsteps, but then there's Ice Man's son in the same class he is. So, Ice Boy mocks Maverick's son, Short Round", in Top Gun School! LOL! Nah, I'll pass this one up. Might catch it when it comes on cable, maybe. Probably will have better things to do!
  11. Big Texan

    Unreal C-5 Galaxy takeoff, gut wrenching!

    While stationed at Dover AFB, DE, the only all C-5 base on the east coast back in the mid to late 80's, we were treated to shows quite often of just how powerful and nimble these aircraft are. They would do short field takeoffs, and combat manouvers right there. They look slow, but were much faster than C-141's on takeoffs. They were really something to see. Not to mention, all they could carry inside their cargo bay! Yep, it was a thrill to be at Dover for my first assignment.
  12. Big Texan

    More estate sale scores

    Awesome!!!! Yes, of course I was and AMA member as well !!!! Glad to hear they still fly control line !!!! I flew all sorts of different competitions, but Goodyear and Slow Combat were the main two. Combat was a smashing good time!!! I built so many of those planes it ain't funny! Went through them all!!! LOL! Cutting a streamer was heady business! LOL! I loved doing balloon busting, 1/2A Combat and Scale racing to! 1/2A combat was with the flying wings with a Black Widow .049!!! Went through those to! LOL! Goodyear racing was a blast. Only flew one plane and she served me well. Had a Rossi .15 that was basically balanced and blueprinted. She was a real Ferrari of an engine! Yep, those were the days! I built so many planes during those years, I can't remember their names! Built a ton of 1/2A kits for fun flying. I was a member of the S.L.O.W club, (Sky Lancer of Washington D.C.). We wore these medium blue bowling shirts with our logo and names embroidered on them. LOL! Man, lots of great memories and truly fun bunch of folks!
  13. Big Texan

    More estate sale scores

    I built the big A6M Zero kit. Painted it up to Saburo Sakai's plane. Took a Fisher Price action figure that was a moto cross rider and converted him to a Japanese pilot. Came out well. Put him in the cockpit and he really looked the part. Gave the plane to a Hobby Shop owner in Wichita Falls, TX, since he built and collected them. It was hanging in his shop for a long time from the ceiling. Many moons ago, I used to fly control line aircraft in competition. Traveled up and down the east coast and to the Nationals one year at Wright Patterson AFB. I flew in what we called Goodyear Racing, and Slow Combat. I was 4th in the nation in both events in Junior competition, at those 1976 nationals at Wright Pat. I was 14 years old. Man, that was many many moons ago!!!! I don't even know if anyone even flies control line any more. Replaced by R/C for sure.
  14. Hey, ought to be cool to see the sky at night and see the visible planets! Awesome!
  15. Big Texan


    Yeah, but it's not just the 1/48 stuff, the 1/32 stuff that many of us love to build, like the Corsairs and F4F Wildcats, are also skyrocketing. Not everybody likes to build Tamiya, Hasegawa, Trumpeter, and so on. It just hurts to not have these kits at decent prices. Not to mention, how many youth cut their teeth on the 1/48 kits!