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  1. These are awesome!!!
  2. I'm a lucky soul to have my wife. She knows it's my hobby. Encourages me to build and likes what I make generally. She calls Model Contests "Geek Fests", but she enjoys seeing the work of others. She is more partial to Sci-Fi stuff.
  3. Figure since I can't get a set of 1/28 scale markings for Werner Voss' Fokker Triplane from Copper State, I'll get them made. Just need the black alpha numerics and the white eyes and mustache.
  4. Yes, there are some 1/24 state of the art kits out there that are brand spanking new mentioned above. But, the old Airfix & Heller 1/24 kits aren't that bad. Also, there is some Bandai 1/24 kicking around of Japanese Aircraft, Zero and Gerorge. Trumpeter also has some decent 1/24 kits as well of German and Japanese planes. My personal favorite is the Airfix/Heller Me-109E. So, just pick a plane and have fun!
  5. Just paint it flat aluminum. Make a slurry of brown mixed with yellow and thinned heavily, and mist over the whole plane. Then, like suggested above, go back with a brush and add brown, tan, and rust washes to parts of the aircraft.
  6. Thanks for the information! I'm so glad he's still kicking! I wish Neil Armstrong was still alive!
  7. I was 7 years old and just finished 1st grade June 1969. I will never forget how the world stopped and watched Armstrong and Aldrin step onto the moon July 20, 1969! You could have heard a pin drop! I still get chills when I see the old video footage of the moon landing! I tell my kids today, you have Star Wars and other science fiction space stuff, but it can't begin to compare to the real thing that I grew up with as a kiddo! Gemini and Apollo programs! And, how the technology that was gained then, still has an effect to this day! Hard to believe this year is the 50th anniversary! A shame ole Neil Armstrong is not with us, but good ole Buzz Aldrin is. I'm not sure if Michael Collins, the forgotten pilot of the space module, is still alive or not.
  8. The original Midway movie was an attempt to capture what Tora Tora Tora brought to the screen. But, it was a failure. To much melodrama and not enough factual history. To this day, I still don't care about "Tom's" girlfriend! LOL! As for this new movie, the CGI thing looks a bit much, but can be tolerable if what they portray is factual, like Tora Tora Tora did, and not a melodramatic nightmare, much akin to Pearl Harbor with Afleck and Baldwin. I guess we'll see. By the way, Tora Tora Tora is 100% accurate. The vignette stories in it are straight from Gordon Prang's books, At Dawn We Slept and Tora Tora Tora. The same for the Longest Day by Cornelious Ryan! All the little side stories in it, are based on actual accounts. Actual accounts make for better movies when it comes to stories about war.
  9. Wowzer!!!! What a gorgeous F-4 Phantom!!!! Beautiful build!!!! Inspiring!!!!
  10. Some great comments here. Agree with them all. All the 109 kits out there, regardless of Hasegawa, Trumpeter, and others, all have their issues. That said, Hasegawa 109's are nice kits. There is a multitude of aftermarket out there that addresses some of the faults, whether it is in resin or photo etch. So, go big and build one!!!
  11. I've done it. Wish I had a hammer sometimes to beat myself in the head for doing it. Sometimes, just plain ole shock sets in when you realize the aftermarket item(s) cost more than the kit!
  12. Nice job!!!! Looks fantastic!
  13. I was very fortunate. I ordered the set for the Academy Nieuport 17 kit. It is an awesome set and I'm grateful to have it. I know many have had issues with this outfit in making as well as receiving orders. It is a shame, because there are so many great cast parts from them. They remind me of Cutting Edge resin they are so well done. But getting them is something else.
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