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  1. I'm just glad y'all are safe!!!! Glad you're getting your lives back in order. First things first! God Bless you all!!!
  2. Instead of using CA glue, use watch crystal cement. Glues canopies down like they were nailed. It does fill the gaps and obviously won't haze your canopies. I have used this stuff for years and it is excellent. Better than any "glue" I've tried in mounting canopies. I also dip mine in future. That being said, I've never had to "erase" a center seam before, but I have taken a badly looking canopy. Sanded the heck out of it with fine sand paper, polished with Brasso, cleaned them, and then dipped them in Future. They have turned out well for "contests".
  3. Well dawgy, this is going to be another great build, you animal! LOL!!! I still wish I was your neighbor! LOL!!!
  4. I have for my knees. Too many years playing football. The stuff does work, but ya gotta take it every day and stick to it.
  5. I wish RevellWhomever, would put the real space kits back out. Everything from the Mercury stuff to the Space Shuttle, and everything in between. These kits are going for bricks of gold on Ebay, Scale Model Graveyard, and private sales. Would love to see them come back and some serious thought by Eduard and others, in photo etch sets and decals. I always tell my kiddos, you grew up with science fiction like Star Wars. My generation had the real thing! Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, etc. It was an exciting time to be a kiddo then!
  6. Hey, this is really nice work! Can't wait to see the livery on it!
  7. What time will the drawing begin tomorrow?
  8. So happy that things went well for ya Brian! Hope recovery is swift, and extremely happy you're not suffering the pains you had any longer! Praise the Lord!
  9. Absolutely a fantastic film. Really captured the life of a British Soldier, from beginning to end. To hear the actual voices of Veterans that had been interviewed in the 1960's and 1970's, and added to the film in the right clips, was incredible. History books can tell you the facts, dates, the campaigns and battles, but they can't capture the human element, condition, and experience. Sir Peter did one hell of a job in making this. I only hope he will continue on and do segments on the Air War, Naval War, about the American involvement, Germans, and so on. This was truly a wonderful film about a time, a war, and an era that is slipping away from memory and study. It is offered again on the 27th. I implore all to see it. My kids, a senior in high school and the other half way through college, were totally engrossed by it. It was nothing they had ever heard or read about, because it really isn't taught much anymore in history classes. This is a shame, because we are living with the results, policies, and treaties from the Great War to this day. As an Historian, this is the way I was blessed to be taught history from grade school through college. The teachers and professors I had, taught the human element of history. The living, breathing, people of the day. History is more than facts and dates, it is all about the human condition. Why people should never put today's judgments and political correctness on past times. Those times involved the thoughts and mentality of those days, not today's. You can learn to appreciate their time, knowing what their time was about, how they lived, what they experienced, and their frame of mind. Peter Jackson nails this in his film. I particularly enjoyed hearing the British Veterans views on their German counterparts. I had the fortunate experience in talking with a couple of WW I Veterans while I attended Military college in 1980. One was an American pursuit pilot, and the other was a German Observation pilot. Aside from hearing of their experience, it was interesting to hear their views about each other and the war. So, if you have the opportunity, go see this film. It is extraordinary.
  10. Best of luck with your surgery Brian, hope it all works out for ya. Will be saying prayers for ya!
  11. I would like to be entered into the raffle, and I would like to donate a 1/32 Revell Mig-21 M/MF to the raffle.
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